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Partners In Sun Safety
NIVEA SUN is the only sun care brand to partner with Cancer Research UK in raising awareness around sun protection and the precautions you can take to stay sun safe.

NIVEA SUN and Cancer Research UK Put Skin Under the Spotlight

Using a special UV camera, our sun safety TV advert shows the effects that the sun’s UV rays can have on our skin. Make sure you enjoy the sun safely and take care out there.

How to stay safe in the sun

Sun precautions aren't reserved for holidays – it’s important to think about sun safety and skin protection whenever the sun is strong, whether you're in the school playground, on the golf course or on the beach.

Sun safety tips: take c.a.r.e. when the sun is strong

Cover up with a hat, t-shirt and sunglasses. Wide-brimmed hats or foreign legion-style caps are best. A wide-brimmed hat and long-sleeved top or maxi dress will not only help protect your skin, but you'll also be the height of summer style! 

Spend time in the shade if your shadow is shorter than you. During the UK summer, the sun is at its strongest between 11am and 3pm 

Use sunscreen with a factor of at least 15 and a high star rating. Sunscreen rubs off easily if you sweat, swim or change clothes. So whether you're in the UK or abroad, remember to apply generously and reapply regularly.


NIVEA SUN provides protection for all the family. From lotions for sensitive skin to refreshing after sun sprays, we’ve got sun care covered. Discover our full range of sun care products here
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