Getting to know roll-on deodorants

Roll-on deodorants for convenience and strong protection
Learn how to get rid of underarm odour with strong deodorants for women. Discover how the precise application and convenient roll-on size ensure lasting freshness.

All about roll-on deodorants

The more you understand your skin products, the better they work for you. Find out everything you wanted to know about roll-on deodorant here.

How do roll-on deodorants work?

Roll-on deodorants deliver a gentle liquid or wet formula to your delicate underarm area. Dispensed from a rolling ball, the formula ensures even coverage and convenience.

Unlike roll-on antiperspirants, roll-on deodorants do not aim to stop you sweating. Instead, they combat the bacteria to do away with underarm odour.

Getting more scientific, the bacteria that lives on the surface of your armpit skin digests the fats and proteins in your perspiration to produce a smelly byproduct we know as body odour.

To keep you smelling fresh, strong deodorants combat this bacteria and slow down its growth.

Comparing roll-on deodorants

We put roll-on deodorants and antiperspirants side by side to help you understand the difference & let you pick the ideal one for you.


How to choose the right deodorant

Discover strong deodorants and antiperspirants for underarm odour