How does deodorant work?

Find out how deodorant works with this comprehensive guide

A vital part of most people's mornings is to reach for the deodorant can to freshen up with a surge of confidence ready for the day ahead. The fresh feeling that deodorant gives can make a big difference to your confidence. Discover tips for getting rid of underarm odour and learn the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant.

Back to basics - how does deodorant work?

We answer all your FAQs on deodorant for women to help you understand the different formats and pick the best one for your lifestyle.

What is deodorant?

Deodorant is a skincare product that helps to keep your underarms smelling fresh. Rather than stopping sweat like antiperspirant, deodorant works on the bacteria on the skin to stop the odour escaping from your pits. 

When we perspire, these bacteria digest the fats and proteins in our sweat. The result is the unpleasant smell we have come to associate with sweat or body odour.

To help you feel confident and fresh all day, our beautiful NIVEA deodorant scents neutralise odours to keep sweat smells at bay. Our deodorants come as sprays in deodorant cans, roll-ons or stick deodorants.

The difference between deodorant and antiperspirant

Any people aren't aware of the differences between deodorant and antiperspirant. Put simply, if the purpose of deodorant is to stop the smell of sweat, the action of antiperspirant is to present your body from sweating for a period of time.

But how does it work? Antiperspirants temporarily block the sweat glands on your skin to avoid any sticky underarms or unwanted sweat.

How does deodorant work?

Now you know the science of deodorants, you can find out how they compare to antiperspirants and which fragrance would be a good match. Most of our deodorant fragrances come in each of the three formats; sprays in their deodorant cans, roll-ons in their smaller plastic containers or sticks in their slightly longer and wider containers.

Tips for getting the most out of your deodorant

1. Perfume and deodorant in one - who needs a perfume when you have deodorant? Our beautiful NIVEA scents are made to be flaunted.

2. Apply your deodorant straight after you come out the shower and immediately after exercise to keep underarms smelling fresh.

3. Let your deodorant dry completely before you get dressed to avoid staining your clothes.

4. To avoid any unpleasant armpit smells making an appearance, make sure to reapply your deodorant regularly according to how much you sweat and the weather where you live.

When to use deodorant instead of antiperspirant

If you solely want to reduce the odour of sweat, deodorant is the right product for you. It deals with the smell rather than the cause of sweat.

If your main concern is in knowing how to get rid of underarm odour and not wet patches under your arms, you want to be reaching for the deodorant can.

How to get rid of underarm odour

The slightest smell of the NIVEA Fresh Natural Deodorant fragrance transports you to sandy beaches of far-flung islands where the waves crash against the shore and the invigorating smell of sea salt is all around. This deodorant combines reliable protection with a refreshing feeling.