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Family, career, leisure time – keeping a work life balance

Inner equilibrium, serenity and new feelings of happiness

It's not always easy to find an inner balance. But you can set new priorities with a bit of awareness, some mindfulness and a few simple tricks to help you get through your day in a more relaxed way.

Work life balance

How can you manage to tackle the demands of career and family, leisure and daily life in equal measure? We have plenty of work life balance tips to help you keep a balance in all areas of your life.

Work life balance – what is it exactly? We asked our expert, Brigitte Pajonik, five questions

1st question: Does a balanced life actually exist?
Answer: Of course. We can achieve this balance in four areas of our life: relationships, career, health and future issues. It is important to define goals and desires in each area – this helps to order your thoughts.
2nd question: Do all four areas have to be in balance?
Answer: No. You are the only one who determines what percentage of your energy is allocated to any one area. Compare these desires with your current situation. If they do not match, then change something.
3rd question: So, the ratio has to be right for me, then?
Answer: Exactly. It does not have to be perfect in every area but you must be comfortable with the way you have allocated your time. Making the decision for yourself is the most important thing.
4th question: How do I free myself from the burden of wanting to give 100% to everything?
Answer: With composure! Ask yourself: If I do not do something perfectly, will the world come to an end? Probably not!
5th question: Are there any other specific tips for everyday life?
Answer: Draw up a daily plan – accomplishing tasks will lift your mood. And if you need some time out from carrying out your tasks, sit yourself down comfortably, listen to your breathing and take a little time for yourself.

More balance with more variety


Do you love your job and always give it your all? That’s good, because you are getting closer to your goals. But think about making the most of your leisure time, too. This creates an important balance in switching off from work.

Don’t forget yourself: take little moments out from the routine

If you’re losing your head out of pure stress, then you desperately need to have some time to yourself. Because keeping your life in balance also means thinking of yourself.

Time together – time for love


Keep one day a week that belongs to just the two of you – and regularly set time aside on the weekend for a romantic date.

Make exercise a priority

A healthy body contributes to a healthy mind. Not only does exercising make us feel good, it also has a huge effect on our happiness and mental well-being. Exercise can have a profound positive impact on things like depression, anxiety, quality of sleep and even memory, and these are all factors that directly effect our ability to find those feelings of relaxation and serenity. If your mind and body is happy, you can appreciate that time spent with family and friends even more. 

Job, family, routine – and where do I fit in?

Lots of women know this problem: Straight out of education into a career, perhaps a wedding and then along come the children. Before you know it, every day is planned out, every minute accounted for, and stress is your new best friend. Just one thing is missing: Time for yourself. To find the necessary balance, you need to break from your schedule and do things that make you really happy again. 
It is much easier than it sounds: Treat yourself to a babysitter once a week and meet your friends for a coffee – chat, eat cake and you’ll be relaxed in no time. Need a bit more time? Pack your bag and disappear for a spa weekend or a trip to the mountains. Use the peace to collect your thoughts and to recharge your batteries. Maybe take up yoga to find your inner balance and relax and unwind at home.


Go on that holiday!

Stop telling yourself you can't and take that trip you've been dreaming about. Whether it's a trip down the coast to the beaches of Britain, or a trip abroad to sunny Spain, don't forget that you deserve these times away to unwind and explore. 

My very own moments of happiness

Set small goals: Treat yourself to a smile every day

Daily laugh

Keeping a balance also means being in harmony with yourself. Our tip: stand in front of the mirror every day and laugh! Laughter releases happiness hormones and lifts your mood – and allows you to encounter your inner self in a happy frame of mind.

Don’t just dream of dreams!

Fulfilling a long-standing wish can be very significant for your inner balance. Because dreams are more easily realised than you think! Love art and have always wanted to take up painting? Then plan to visit an exhibition or museum once a month in your leisure time. Having your own easel will help you realise your dream at home. Or perhaps you love make-up? Having a small dressing table in the bedroom does not take up much room. Experiment with new looks here and show yourself everyday how beautiful you are. You could even invest some time into new beauty regimes and treatments. NIVEA has all the beauty tips and explains the myths that come with them.