Dry Lips

Dry lips – why are my lips dry and how to fix them

Find out the causes of dry lips and tips for preventing it

The skin on our lips is sensitive and easily prone to dryness. Is it possible that lip balms make this dryness worse? Find out more about dry and cracked lips

Does NIVEA LIP BALM dry out lips?

NIVEA lip care is designed to soothe and protects the lips, eliminating dryness and making them feel healthier.

NIVEA Lip Balm gives the lips what they need

NIVEA lip balm products are there to nourish and protect the lips. They contain soothing, natural ingredients to help keep your lips feeling smoother and much healthier.

How lip balms work

Lip balms contain oils and moisturisers that soothe dry and cracked lips skin. They form a barrier on the skin’s surface, locking in moisture and keeping lips from cracking as well as preventing other harmful substances or environmental stresses affecting the skin below.

Lips are particularly susceptible to dryness, as they do not contain the sweat and oil glands that the rest of our skin does, so the only way to restore a protective barrier is by using a lip balm. Cold weather can cause dry lips and leaving dry skin untreated can exacerbate the issues and cause lips to become cracked and painful.

Applying NIVEA Lip Care products can halt and slow the drying process, preventing chapped lips and applying NIVEA lip balms is an essential part of a healthy daily lip care routine.

What MAKES my lips dry, Chapped and cracked?

There are a number of factors that can cause sore and chapped lips but you can minimise this discomfort by following a few useful tips.

One of the biggest causes of dry, chapped lips is sun damage. Applying a lip balm with SPF like the NIVEA hydro care lip balm is vital even in the winter months for preventing the effects of dry lips and keeping them soft and kissable.

Main causes of chapped lips

You may not know this, but your lifestyle could be having more of an impact on the health of your lips than you think.

One of the top causes of dry, chapped lips is dehydration. The root cause of this could be not drinking enough water or possibly cold weather causing your skin to dehydrate.

Other factors include drinking too much alcohol or smoking, licking your lips regularly which causes evaporation pulling the moisture away from your lips,  eating very spicy or acidic food or breathing through your mouth instead of your nose.

Making small changes to your lifestyle can really make a difference to the health of your lips and after seeing the results, you’ll never want to go back!

Fantastic remedies for dry lips

There are lots of solutions out there for treating and revitalising dry and chapped lips.

Dry lip remedies: The basics

There’s no need to let sore, cracked lips leave you feeling blue. There are a number of steps you can take to make them feel comfortable and smooth.

When it comes to lip care, it’s important to always stay one step ahead of the game by having a thorough lip care routine – prevention is better than cure when it comes to dry, chapped lips. But we’re all only human and sometimes get caught out.

If you do find yourself with dry and flaky lips, an easy way to exfoliate them and get rid of the dead skin is by gently rubbing your toothbrush over them. 

Don’t skimp on the lip balm

Finding the best lip balm for you and keeping it somewhere handy is essential to combatting dry lips especially in cold weather when you might be tempted to lick your lips.