Why Use Micellar Water for Normal Skin Types?

Discover How Normal Skin Will Love Micellar Cleansing Water

Find out how NIVEA’s Micellar Water for Normal Skin will help deeply cleanse and remove make-up effectively for a radiant and fresh feeling, daily.

Why Use Micellar Water for Normal Skin Types?

If you’ve got a normal skin type – great! Normal skin is supple and soft, with fine pores. This means your skin is almost perfect - but there’s always room for improvement. NIVEA’s Caring Micellar Water offers an almost magical cleansing experience with extra effective yet caring 3 in 1 technology.

Removing Make-Up from your Sensitive Skin

Gone are the days when simply removing your make-up led to redness and sore skin. NIVEA Daily Essentials Sensitive Caring Micellar Water is a 3 in 1 product - acting as a cleanser, toner, and make-up remover; all in one bottle.

With such simplicity, there’s no excuses not to remove make-up daily and cleanse nightly before bed.

Or you can use one of our specially formulated NIVEA Micellar Water Wipes to speed up your cleansing routine without compromising on quality.

Micellar Makeup Removal for Sensitive Skin

Woman using NIVEA Micellar Water on her face

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest and sensitive; and NIVEA's Sensitive Micellar Water is gentle enough to remove eye make-up, even waterproof mascara, thanks to its revolutionary 3 in 1 action. 

Why NIVEA Micellar Water for Makeup Removal?

Woman smiling with clean face

No need to scrub and rub your mascara off after a long day, simply swipe the make-up with a single cotton pad for beautiful and healthy looking lashes. Choose between Micellar Sensitive Cleansing Water or NIVEA Sensitive Wipes to protect even the most delicate of eye areas.

Quick & Easy Cleansing Tips for Normal Skin Types

A Great Cleansing Routine Guide for Normal Skin

1. Remove Dead Skin

Using a facial cleanser like Micellar Cleansing Water will gently remove any skin residue, flakes and impurities which have built up after long day. No need to scrub irritate your skin’s natural protective layer, works in single swipe.

2. Remove light or heavy cover make-up

Always remove your make-up after a long day! Even if it looks like it’s all rubbed off naturally, your pores may not agree. Using Micellar Cleansing Water will help remove make-up quickly and easily, allowing your skin breathe in no time at all.

3. Cleansing & Toning 

Save room in your bag and your purse! The specially formulated 3 in 1 technology allows the Micellar Water to cleanse, tone and moisturise, whilst removing make-up. NIVEA Micellar Water contains Vitamin E and helps keep skin refreshed and moisturised.

4. Moisturise your skin

With Micellar Water specially formulated to cleanse, tone AND moisturise – there’s no need to always add a moisturiser to your daily cleansing routine now. Moisturise during the seasons when your skin needs some extra support.

Skincare in the big city

NIVEA Caring Micellar Water is particularly good at removing dirt and grime from your face caused by pollution and exhaust fumes. Daily life in a city can take its toll on your skin, but NIVEA’s gentle formula provides an intense and thorough cleansing.

Convenient Face Wipes

Similar to the NIVEA Caring Micellar Water, the formula of the NIVEA Micellar Wipes removes even the smallest particles of makeup, dirt or other impurities from the skin, in the unique micellar technology action.

Maintain glowing Normal Skin

If you have a normal skin type, it’s easy to be fooled into thinking you don’t need to pay as much attention to it as other skin types. Don’t ignore your skin! To maintain its healthy appearance, normal skin needs regular moisture. Caring Micellar Water or our specially formulated NIVEA Micellar Water Wipes are the perfect companion for normal skin.