Fresh and clean face with NIVEA Micellar Face Wipes

All You Need to Know About Micellar Face Wipes

Why use Micellar Water Face Wipes

Cleansing your face before bed is important, but a lack of time and tiredness can just get in the way. Find out how to simplify your skincare routine for refreshed and beautiful skin every day.

The Science Behind Micellar Face Wipes

What is Micellar Water and why are micelles so good at gentle cleansing? Get to grips with this very popular, cleansing technology.

Micelles on the skin

How do Micelles Work?

Micelles act like they are tiny magnets, with the in-built technology to remove dirt, make-up, and other impurities from your face. The secret is in their structure. Micelles are soft on the outside and strong on the inside. 

What are Micelles?

Micelles are clusters of microscopic molecules and cleaning agents. They are made up of ‘water-loving’ (hydrophilic) and ‘fat-loving’ (lipophilic) parts. Efficient face cleansers allow you to remove water-soluble and fat-soluble dirt, as well as make-up from the face. Micelles are perfect at this. As micelles are naturally attracted to water - the type of microscopic dirt which can be found on your face allows Micellar Water to cause an almost magnetic effect, removing dirt and make-up from your face smoothly. This is natural phenomenon is used in all NIVEA products containing Micellar technology. 

Woman after a shower

Why are Face Cleansers so Important?

Regardless of make-up, the skin on your face is exposed to different dirt and bacteria all day long - whether from touching your face or speaking on your phone, to playing with your pets! Removing this dirt, bacteria and any make-up you have on helps to stop the pores from becoming clogged up. *NIVEA Daily Essentials 3 in 1 Cleansing Micellar Wipes* also help the delicate skin on your face look naturally healthy and glowing.

Why Everyone Is Talking About Micellar Face Wipes

Understand the cleansing properties of Micellar Water combined with the convenience of a face wipe can transform your daily facial cleansing routine – that’s why people are talking!

Girl removing make-up

4 Reasons to Include NIVEA Micellar Face Wipes in Your Skincare Routine

1. A quick, easy cleanser and make-up remover
With Micellar Water-based wipes, no rinsing is required. You can just wipe, dispose and go.

2. Cleansing & Moisturising in one simple step
Thorough cleansing, with gentle moisturising leaves you with wonderfully smooth skin - whilst being gentle on your skin. 

3. Travel Friendly
Because these Micellar wipes cleanse, tone and moisturise, you only need one packet of wipes, instead of carrying 3 different bottles when on the go. 

4. The Perfect Make-Up Wipe
Micellar face wipes remove make-up effortlessly, without leaving any residue, even waterproof mascara.

How Micellar Wipes Are Different from Normal Face Wipes