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Be Kind to Your Face with Your Make-Up Remover

Discover micellar make-up removers that are quick and caring

Most of us can relate to spending ages trying to remove stubborn make-up. Learn about make-up removers that work in a single swipe; no rubbing or redness involved.

Exploring Make-Up Removers from NIVEA

Find out how Micellar Water compares with traditional cleansers, and get top tips on removing your make-up.

Make-up Wipes

NIVEA Micellar Wipes

Facial wipes like NIVEA Daily Essentials 3 in 1 Cleansing Micellar Wipes provide a great all-in-one solution for cleansing and make-up removal. The wipes get to work quickly, and their caring formula with Vitamin E leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated. 

Removing Make-Up without the Mess

You have perfected your make-up and it has stayed on well throughout the day or your night out. Now it’s time to take it all off and let your skin breathe. As we all know, this can be easier said than done. Not to mention the amount of time you have to spend in front of the mirror.

After a long day, the last thing you want to do is battle with your make-up remover trying to remove dirt, heavy eye liner and stubborn mascara. With NIVEA Micellar Cleansing, removing make-up is no longer difficult or time-consuming - meaning you are less likely to skip the process.

Using NIVEA Micellar Water leaves you with a clean and gently moisturised face at the end of a long day; every day.

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Eye make-up remover

There is a product specifically designed for each skin type. NIVEA Daily Essentials Caring Micellar Cleansing Water with Natural Almond Oil replenishes moisture in dry skin. NIVEA Daily Essentials Sensitive Caring Micellar Water with Grape Seed oil and Dexpanthenol, it is proven to have a soothing effect on sensitive skin and NIVEA Daily Essentials Caring Micellar Cleansing Water with Vitamin E is formulated for normal skin.

Micellar Make-Up Remover Compared with Traditional Cleansing Routines

Everyone knows how important it is to clean your face. Whether you are wearing heavy make-up or just keeping it natural, your skin needs to be cleansed to stay healthy and radiant.

The formula in NIVEA Micellar Water is designed for quick and effective make-up removal. No need to rub over and over or create redness, just get refreshed, clean skin. NIVEA Daily Essentials Sensitive Caring Micellar Water is formulated with sensitive skin in mind and offers effective yet kind and caring cleansing.

Waterproof mascara remover

NIVEA Micellar Water Wipes can be used to remove waterproof mascara. When it comes to your delicate eye area and your lashes you want to be as gentle and caring as possible. NIVEA Gentle Caring Micellar Water instantly and gently removes make-up while moisturizing at the same time.

Top tips for removing eye make-up with micellar water

  • Let the Micellar Water soaked cotton pad or wipe rest on your closed eyes to soften the make-up before you sweep across the face and eyes.
  • Be careful not to rub or tug.
  • Repeat gentle wipes until your pad or wipe comes off clean.There’s no need to use too much pressure.
  •  Always remove make-up from the eye before cleaning the rest of your face.
  • Cleansing and toning your face is important - fortunately, Micellar Water is 3-in-1 so no need to do anything else! 

The Guide to Make-Up Removal with Micellar Water and Wipes

Find out how to use Micellar Water to take off Make-Up and discover how it can enhance your skincare routine.

4 Reasons To Love NIVEA Micellar Make-Up Remover

1. It’s Convenient
You can remove your make-up on the go, whether at the gym, travelling or simply after a long day.

2. It has a Gentle Formula
NIVEA Daily Essentials Caring Micellar Cleansing Water with Natural Almond Oil, NIVEA Daily Essentials Sensitive Caring Micellar Water with Grape Seed oil and NIVEA Caring  Make-Up Wipes with vitamin E help to nourish and care for your skin.

3. It’s efficient 
Remove make-up with a swipe of your cotton pad or wipe - no smudges in sight. NIVEA Micellar Water Face Wipes make make-up removal quicker too! 

4. It’s quick and easy
NIVEA Micellar make-up removers combines make-up removal, cleansing, toning and moisturising in one.

How To Use Micellar Water

1. Select
Choose the right Micellar Water make-up remover for your skin type (dry, sensitive, normal).

2. Wipe
Apply NIVEA Micellar Water to your cotton pad and wipe away the day’s make-up

3. Soothe

Feel the gentle toning and moisturising effect on your skin.

Convenient Make-Up Remover

NIVEA Caring Micellar Water Wipes are one of the best make-up removers from NIVEA, as they simultaneously give you gentle and moisturising skincare with a simple swipe.