1. Just like the skin on your hands, the cuticle can also easily become dry or tear. This is why it also needs a lot of moisture.
  2. Moisturise the cuticle regularly with oil or cream – for best results, every time you have a manicure. Simply gently massage it in and let it absorb into the skin for a short while!
  3. When manicuring and cutting your nails, it is better to use scissors than nail clippers. Clippers often cause small tears that can then lead to the nail splitting later on.
  4. Then file your nails into shape using a glass nail file. As these have a smooth surface, the nails can be filed very finely. Start by using the coarse side, then use the fine one.
  5. It is important to file in one direction only so that the structure is not damaged.
  6. A rounded nail shape that extends just a short way over the fingertip, looks most natural.