Chapped Lips Treatment

How to get rid of chapped lips

Chapped lips are very common, especially during the winter months. Knowing the steps to take to prevent them is crucial to keeping lips smooth and beautiful.

What causes chapped lips?

Dry, chapped lips can be very uncomfortable, so it’s important to know what the main causes are to help you prevent them.

Everyday causes of chapped lips

Everybody suffers from sore, chapped lips sometimes – they’re very common and people often down realise how they can prevent chapped lips based on lifestyle changes.

Leading a busy and sometimes stressful life is normal today, but too much stress can take its toll on your lips, the skin on your lips is very thin, sensitive and vulnerable to drying out. Not giving yourself time to relax or get the right minerals and vitamins from a complete and healthy diet can exacerbate dry lips. Coupled with lack of sleep, this can have an even greater effect on your lips’ health, because your lips regenerate as you sleep - using a lip balm can help lock in this moisture even during hard cold weather.

Another factor that often causes chapped lips is dehydration. They do say that what you put into your body is what will define how it looks on the outside. Experts recommend drinking about two litres of water per day (or eight glasses), which will keep cells hydrated and lips looking smooth. It’s good to keep applying protection externally too by using a NIVEA Original Lip Balm to soothe and provide long-lasting protection against dryness.

Your lips are sensitive to the cold

The winter months can take their toll on your lips and leave them cracked and dry, winter skin care is an important part of any skin routine. Extremely cold temperatures, wind and low humidity strip them of their moisture, so using a good lip balm is essential for replenishing this moisture.

The best ways of preventing chapped lips

You don’t have to live with chapped lips – there are steps you can take to prevent them.

Lip care –keeping lips smooth and healthy

As the skin on your lips is much thinner and more delicate than the rest of the skin on your face, it needs special care to stay healthy.

A good way to remove flakes of dry skin is by regularly using a lip exfoliating product to reveal the smooth skin underneath to get rid of chapped lips faster.

Take care when you do your face routine

When you do your regular face care routine, take special care around your lip area. Use a lip balm for dry lips like NIVEA Hydro Care Lip Balm and apply frequently to keep lips feeling wonderful. 

The do’s and don’ts for preventing chapped lips

  • Do stay hydrated
  • Do try and breath through your nose and not your mouth
  • Do use a humidifier to keep moisture levels up in the room

  • Do not lick your lips excessively
  • Do not go outside on a cold day without using a good lip balm
  • Do not forget to use a lip product with SPF to protect against the sun

How do I know what product is best for my chapped lips?

There are a range of products on the market to help repair and nourish chapped lipsdrierand it’s important to find the one that’s right for you.

Lip crayon like NIVEA Poppy Crayon Red gives your lips colour and helps keep dry lips at bay, making them great for feeling good. If you’re looking for a lighter texture, a lip balm like NIVEA Hydro Care absorbs more quickly, but still provides long-lasting protection and will leave your lips feeling wonderfully soft. If having a hint of colour is more your thing, a fruity Shine formula with a beautiful shiny finish could be just what you’re looking for.

Stop licking your lips

There is a temptation to lick your lips when they're feeling dry or chapped for a feeling of immediate relief. However, when you lick your lips you can actually make them even drier, as the moisture from licking them evaporates taking away even more water away and making chapped lips even worse.

5 quick tips for dry lips

  • Never pick at flaky skin on your lips
  • Skip the matte lip sticks and choose more moisturising products
  • When it comes to food, reduce citrus fruits, spicy food and too much salt
  • Try wearing a scarf around your mouth when it’s very cold
  • Always remove lipstick before going to sleep

Say goodbye to chapped lips: Great treatments and remedies

There are lots of ways you can treat sore and chapped lips using just what you’ve got at home.

Don’t let chapped lips stop you from kissing

Having a good lip care routine and making use of home remedies should keep chapped lips away so that you can enjoy kissing your partner with your smooth lips whenever you please – kiss away!

Know when to seek medical help

If your chapped lips are particularly persistent or painful despite having good lip care, it’s best to see your GP immediately. Severe chapped lips could be an indication of other medical issues and it’s always better to get it checked out early.

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