Top 8 Face Washing Mistakes

  1. I wash my face using just water: Water on its own doesn’t have the ability to remove oil-soluble dirt like makeup and excess sebum and actually washing with warm or even hot water could dry out the skin
  2. I exfoliate my face every day: This can actually do more harm than good; it’s unnecessary and can leave skin feeling irritated. Read our exfoliation guide for more help
  3. I use regular soap to wash my face: Soap can strip the face of its natural oils, leaving skin feeling tight and drier than before. Moreover, soaps disturb the natural pH of your skin.
  4. I only wash my face in the evening: In the morning germs from your pillows can move to your face as well as oils from your hair and saliva, make sure to wash your face, NIVEA's Gentle Cream Wash is perfect.
  5. I only wash my face in the morning: We've established morning face washing is important, but washing your face in the evening is a must. Oils, residue, dirt and pollution build up on your face throughout the day, evening face case is essential.
  6. I wash my face with hot water: Overly hot water dries the face out and breaks delicate tissue and skin on the face. Use lukewarm water during your face care routine.
  7. I use any cleanser for my face: Make sure to use a cleanser that suits your skin type - combination, dry, normal and oily skin all have different needs.
  8. I wash my face more than twice a day: It seems like a good idea but over washing can actually lead to an overproduction of oil to compensate from the drying effect that over washing produces.