3 Tips

NIVEA explains deodorant myths. <br>Which are true and which are just rumours?

  • If you take a cold shower, you won’t sweat. This is only true in the short term. A cold shower certainly does cool the body down, but the body balances out the temperature after a short time.
  • If you use deodorants on freshly shaved skin, you risk getting razor burn. Wrong: razor burn is not caused by deodorants, but because sensitive skin is irritated by shaving. Use a shaving foam or shaving gel to protect your skin. You should then go for a deodorant without alcohol, such as NIVEA Pure & Sensitive Spray. Nevertheless, avoid applying antiperspirant for a while after shaving.
  • Another belief: Deodorants and antiperspirants block the pores in the skin. In fact, aluminium-free deodorants work on the surface of the skin, neutralising odour-forming bacteria. In contrast, the antiperspirant ingredients constrict the pores for a limited lime to reduce sweating. This ensures a fresh feeling and has absolutely no negative effects on your skin. It can continue to breathe freely.