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NIVEA Black and White Deodorant protects your timeless wardrobe classics
NIVEA has partnered with world-famous fashion designer Matthew Williamson to help you protect your skin and clothes with NIVEA Invisible for Black and White Deodorant.
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NIVEA exclusively met with Matthew for a behind-the-scenes tour of his London studio, where he revealed the inspiration behind his unique approach to timeless fashion design. Based on more than 20 years at the top of the fashion industry, Matthew is well placed to give great advice on protecting your wardrobe for years to come.

Matthew discusses what inspires him as a fashion designer

See Matthew's sage advice on how to create a look with staying power

Matthew tells all on how to give yourself a look that's timeless

Hear how Matthew freshens up a timeless outfit

Make Black & White wardrobe classics 'pop' with Matthew's top tips


WIN a Matthew Williamson scarf!

Be timelessly on-trend and the envy of your friends with this must-have scarf from Matthew Williamson's 2017 collection! We'll also make sure you can take care of this priceless addition to your wardrobe by including a year's supply of NIVEA Invisible for Black and White Original Deodorant, featuring it's limited edition design by Matthew himself, so you can #loveitforlonger.

To enter, simply submit a photo that shows off your best timeless outfit. Everyone has a favourite item or outfit that works for them year in, year out! You could show off how it looks on you or show us the piece in pride of place in your wardrobe. #loveitforlonger

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