For us, “care” is not only part of our core business but also a core
value that is our responsibility, to people and the environment.

Our path to sustainability

NIVEA is synonymous with trust and quality – which is why we are always working to sustainably reduce the impact of our products on the environment. “Care” is at the centre of our actions. In this way we can make sure that people are the focus of everything we do.

High quality raw materials for high quality products

Some of the raw materials that we use in our products are scarce and there is no guarantee that they will still be available in the future. We therefore support sustainable sourcing of raw materials and are constantly working on developing alternatives to meet our high quality standards.

Alternatives to testing on animals

Animal experiments for cosmetic products have been banned in the EU since 2004 – and for all the ingredients in these products since 2013. Long before this date, Beiersdorf dispensed with animal testing whenever possible. We are convinced that our products do not need to be tested on animals to determine their safety and efficacy.

Less waste while maintaining the same quality

Your influence on our planet