Biodegradable formula
Natural ingredients
Sale 10%

NIVEA Eco-Refill Hand Soap Bundle

100 pc


Biodegradable formula
Natural ingredients
All skin types
  • mild & pH skin friendly
  • Refill. Reuse. Reduce.
  • 97% naturally derived ingredients
  • bottle made of 100% recycled material
  • 99% biodegradable formula
  • typically lasts over 25% longer

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Our NIVEA Ecorefill Hand Soap Bundle kit contains 1 reusable bottle & 3 different scents: Cotton flower, Lemongrass & Hibiscus & Honeyflower. The hand soap's mild formula thoroughly cleanses your hands without drying them out. The formula is dermatologically approved, biodegradable and is made with naturally derived skin caring ingredients. The Eco-refill bottle is made from 100% recycled material and can re-used, looking after your skin and the planet too! How it works: Simply add lukewarm water to the bottle up to the line indicated on pack, then add in your tab and shake for approximately 30 seconds to allow the tablet to dissolve.

Item Number 897070003503 (89707-00035-03)

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How to


Fill NIVEA Eco-refill bottle with luke-warm water up to the indicated line on packl

2Add Tab

Add the refill tab


Close the bottle with the pump and shake for 30 seconds


Good to go after 5 minutes even if tab has not fully dissolved yet