NIVEA Creme Fragrance Room Diffuser 70ml

70 ml


  • Beloved & unique scent of NIVEA Creme
  • Invigorating citrus notes, precious lavender & rose essences.
  • Glass height approx. 8cm. Diameter approx. 7cm
  • Fragrance duration approx 50 days
  • Keep out of reach of children - observe warning notices

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Let yourself be immersed in the unique aroma of NIVEA Creme with the 70ml NIVEA reed diffuser home fragrance: Invigorating citrus notes, precious lavender, valuable rose essences and spring-like flower chords create an incomparable experience for the senses. The fragrance awakens feelings of security & love, of freshness, purity & care. Whether you spend a cosy evening in your living room or relax in the bathroom - the room scent makes every home a very special place. Enjoy your own personal moment of happiness with the NIVEA room fragrance.


Keep out of the reach of children. Harmful to aquatic life with long-term effect.

Item Number 93747 (93747-01000-00)

Customer reviews

excellent! (62 Ratings)
Nivea scent all day every day
Absolutely love this product. Lovely scent of Nivea which is subtle but clearly there. I will definitely be buying another one when this one ends.
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I received this product to test and wasn't disappointed. This is the best room diffuser I've ever used. The smell is amazing and reminds me of my childhood, when my mum used the cream. Even before I opened the box you could smell the scent. It's a nice simple package and the design of the bottle is frosted so different to the majority on the market. It has a very soft subtle fragrance and reminds me a bit of baby powder. I got this in April and the bottle has only just finished, so 3 months use. Highly recommended and I will definitely use it again.
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Review Panel Member
Perfect Nivea Creme scent!
The NIVEA Creme room diffuser smelt exactly as I expected! However the smell wasn’t that strong and it was also difficult to open, although this meant no liquid escaped during transportation like I’ve experienced with other products
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