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1 Minute Urban Detox Mask Moisture

face cleansing


NIVEA® Daily Essentials 1 MINUTE URBAN DETOX MASK with Green Tea and Hyaluronic Acid

  • All skin types
Size: 75 ML

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Item number: 82514 (825140450007) Product range: Urban

NIVEA® Daily Essentials 1 MINUTE URBAN DETOX MASK with Green Tea and Hyaluronic Acid - Detoxifies Skin whilst intensivly moiturising and leaving a radiant complexion

Hyaluronic acid

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Overall 4,4 of 5
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Nivea mask
(Review Panel Member)
I have been a long standing fan of the Nivea 24hr moisturiser so was excited to try a mask. I really like the fact you don't have to wash this product off, I have tried both recommendations and being a busy mum of two I prefer to pop it on my face and leave it to work its magic whilst I brush my teeth and then I massage any remaining product and apply my trusty tinted moisturiser on top. It's a lovely base, particularly if you have dry skin and primers don't work for you as it's not heavy and it's a silky consistency. I wasn't a fan of the packaging in honesty, hence 4/5 stars and unless on an end isle I'd probably bypass it if with Nivea's other products. Its not a "must shout about it to my friends" kinda new mask but if it's on offer I'd say it's worth having in your make up bag.
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Moisturiser or mask?
(Review Panel Member)
The first time I used the Nivea Urban Moisture Mask I was surprised at how quickly my skin drank up all the moisturising goodness. It says to leave the mask on for 1 minute and then remove excess with a cotton pad or massage the remainder back into the skin, however within 10 seconds nothing was left on my face. I’d say this is a pretty decent non-irritating moisturiser but not necessarily a moisture mask as I’d expect my skin to look more dewy post using the mask. As a sufferer of breakouts, I was sceptical about using the mask but there were no sign of spots after using the mask which is great!
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nivea one minute detox
(Review Panel Member)
I have been using this for what I consider a good amount of time to see if it makes a difference, about 2 weeks. I love this its amazing I am a busy mum of 2 and time for myself is a rarity, I do suffer from dry skin around my cheeks and nose I use this every night before bed and when wake up my skin is so SOFT its also time saving one less thing I have to do on busy hectic morning love love it
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Amazing mask
(Review Panel Member)
I use this mask, generally, overnight. It is nothing like a mask really - more like a wonderful, non-greasy, non-irritating, fabulous moisturiser. When I wake up in the morning my face looks great! Having sensitive skin I am so dubious about trying anything different but NIVEA Urban Skin 1 Minute Detox Mask - Moisture worked perfectly for me and smells lovely. This is fantastic and, in my opinion, really worth giving a try.
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Nivea Urban Detox Mask
(Review Panel Member)
After using this quick mask for past few weeks I can honestly say that this mask do the job. It really moisturised my skin in few seconds after I used it. It gives nice refreshing texture into my face and also the smell is amazing, so natural.
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