From cleansing and care early in the morning to our bedtime skin care routine and the one or two hours of care we give ourselves as a treat – here you will find inspiration, information and product recommendations on how to design your own skin care rituals in such a way that you feel even more comfortable in your beautiful skin.
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Take care of your skin

Your skin is very busy – for example, it regulates your body temperature and water balance, fends off pathogens and plays a role in your metabolism. In the meantime, it is exposed to different influences from both outside and inside the body throughout the day. That is why it is so important that we take proper care of our skin. When you know what the main stress factors for your skin are, you can protect and care for it properly.

Summer, sun, sunscreen

Summer poses a serious challenge for our skin. The risk of sunburn is increased sixfold during the summer months. Harmful UV rays accelerate ageing and lead to wrinkles and pigmentation. You should therefore always use a quality sunscreen with a high sun protection factor to ensure your skin remains beautiful and protected. UV radiation affects your skin even on cloudy days, so make sure your regular day cream also contains sunscreen.

Beautiful skin needs sleep and exercise

Do you have dark circles under your eyes after a short night with little sleep? Getting enough sleep is extremely important for a radiant complexion, because the skin regenerates at night. The ideal amount of sleep varies from person to person, but on average it is 7–8 hours. If you have not had enough sleep, treat tired eyes with eye care products that alleviate the signs of fatigue, such as dark circles. And if you can manage it, make sure you resume a regular sleeping pattern during the following days. You can also promote beautiful skin with plenty of exercise – endurance sports in natural light stimulate blood circulation.

Care tips for beautiful skin

What is the secret to beautiful skin? For radiant, healthy-looking skin on your face and your whole body, you cannot rely on hereditary factors and lifestyle alone – proper care is also essential. Skin care products that are specially formulated for your skin type have an optimal effect and help your skin look fresh. Follow these tips to ensure beautiful skin. Cleansing and care for beautiful skin: Cleanse your skin in the mornings and evenings with a gentle cleansing gel to remove excess sebum, dirt and dead skin cells. Choose a lighter moisturiser with sunscreen for the day and apply a richer night cream before going to bed. An extra helping of care for bright eyes: The skin around the eyes is very thin and is highly over-burdened by squinting and rubbing. By following a special eye care routine you can avoid wrinkles caused by dryness and prevent expression lines. And last but not least, give yourself a weekly beauty treatment for beautiful skin: Use a scrub to not only remove dead skin cells but at the same time stimulate blood circulation. You will be rewarded with a rosy complexion and beautiful skin.