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Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer

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NIVEA Express Hydration Primer for Dry Skin provides 24 hour moisture and leaves a smooth base to apply make-up.

  • Dry Skin
  • Moisturising
  • Caring
  • Balanced skin
Size: 50 ML

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Item number: 81211 (812110450004) Product range: Daily Essentials

NIVEA Express Hydration Primer for Dry Skin absorbs instantly and provides 24 hour moisture. The special formula provides an even and smooth base for effective make-up application and helps make-up stay put.

Almond Oil

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Overall 3,9 of 5
23 Customer reviews
Effect 2 of 5
Moisture 2 of 5
SkinFeel 1 of 5
Fragrance 1 of 5

Good features
Fed up
I bought this product as the usual purchase has been discontinued, am very pleased with this product, overall pleased with purchase
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Only a few stars ..
Only a few stars I’m afraid as I found this product didn’t live up to the hype , I found it greasy and did not absorb well into the skin , leaving me with a shiny t zone .. as for the primer element of this product , I feel it made no difference what so ever When applied before my makeup.
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very disappointed
WOW I thought 24hour moisture. OMG how I was disappointed. I didn't like the feel it was very watery going on, it seemed to absorb after a long while, but when I applied my make up it seemed to peel off I had wipe it again. It left my skin dryer than before I applied it. I am so pleased I got it for half price. I will just go back to the original Nivea and moist skin.
Effect 2 of 5
Moisture 2 of 5
Skin Feel 1 of 5
Fragrance 1 of 5
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Don’t use as a primer
Brought this to use as a primer as I have extremely dry skin and my other primer was a no go. After putting it on I had high hopes as my skin was so soft and there was no dry skin in sight. However when putting makeup on, it does not blend out at all! My dry skin looked worse! It would probably be good if you don’t actually have dry skin and your skin lets you use a makeup brush but for me I have to use a sponge so no good for me :(
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