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Daily Essentials Tinted Moisturising Day Cream

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Daily Essentials Tinted Moisturising Day Cream provides 24 hour moisture with a soft colour tint.

  • All skin types
  • 15
  • Moisturising
  • Nourishing
  • Balanced skin
Size: 50 ML SPF:  15 

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Item number: 86700 (867000450004) Product range: Daily Essentials

Daily Essentials Tinted Moisturising Day Cream provides 24 hour moisture with a soft colour tint. It's formulated with Vitamin E to help even the skin tone, and provides a radiant looking complexion. The appearance of imperfections are reduced by the special blend of light reflecting and colour pigments in the formula. Skin compatibility and dermatologically approved.

Light Reflecting Pigments


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Overall 3,7 of 5
104 Customer reviews
Effect 4,8 of 5
Moisture 5 of 5
SkinFeel 4,8 of 5
Fragrance 5 of 5

Nivea Tinted Day Cream
I use the Nivea tinted day cream. 5 stars if I could give 10 I would. I've been using this product for years. I'm 55 years old and look 40 or so I've been told. I don't use primer, concealer, bb or cc cream, foundation or powder just the day cream which I put on with my fingers. I get many, many compliments about my complexion. Well done Nivea. I also only use micellar water to cleanse & Nivea soft on my face. Keep up the good work please.
Effect 5 of 5
Moisture 5 of 5
Skin Feel 5 of 5
Fragrance 5 of 5
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Not keen
Bought this last week as it seemed to tick all the boxes. But unfortunately I'm not impressed at all. It doesn't moisturize. So all my dry skin was still very visible. It's not "light". In fact it was very dark and orange. It also doesn't absorb very well. Very oily and shiny. It does smell nice though. That's the only upside. Just thankful it was so cheap so didn't end up wasting too much money.
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Great tinted moisturiser with small costs
I wanted a BB cream I could use daily a while ago & as this one was really low cost, I thought why not give it a go - since then I keep on repeating purchasing it. The colour is a touch too dark for my liking, but that can be adjusted by concealer / finishing powder so not too much of an issue. It is more of moisturising side though so perfect for a combination / dry skins.
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More than a hint of a tint.....
(Review Panel Member)
So, as with all my reviews, I like to give it a good try before putting down my thoughts. Let's start with the outside, it's standard Nivea packaging; simple, basic, and nothing to really grab your attention. It definitely leans towards it being a skin care product rather than make-up. The smell doesn't grab me or invoke a lovely olfactory response.... it's just a standard Nivea fragrance. It's not horrible but it doesn't make me go YUMMMMMMM that reminds me of.....! The product itself is quite thick and, considering it's the lightest shade appears very dark on the skin. I'm always a bit confused with the best way to apply this kind of product. Do you rub it right in like you would a moisturiser or apply it like a foundation. I found if I applied it more like a foundation it was way too dark and if I applied it like a moisturiser (I may have rubbed it in too much), it barely made any difference to my normal skin tone. I also felt that any benefit there was was quite short lived and I actually felt like I was totally bare faced after just an hour or two, leaving me wanting to reapply. So to conclude my review, it's a standard Nivea product. It's definitely too dark for light skin but goes on quite smoothly, and the SPF is always going to be a bonus. It slightly smoothed the appearance of my skin but the effects weren't very long lasting. If you're young and fresh faced it could be perfect but for an oldie like me I need a little more.
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Tinted moisturiser
(Review Panel Member)
I have recently tried the nivea tinted moisturiser with SPF15. I have quite fair skin so I tried the light shade. I have never been a fan of tinted moisturiser but I will give anything a second chance. I tend to find that they leave my face feeling greasy and it sits on my skin looking really un-natural. I like to give products a good few weeks of testing them to give an honest review of them and in the 3 weeks that I have used this I haved been pleasantly surprised how good it is, very nearly lives up to my brand of foundation that I use everyday in life. I don't wear a lot of foundation so this was ideal for me as it has a light subtle appearance. I found that it balanced my skin tone really well and did not look heavy or greasy on my face. My skin felt like it was able to breathe and not the 'cakey' feeling I find with some foundations. The light shade when I popped it on my hand looked at first a little off my skin tone but I was amazed that it blended so well and I didn't need to use a lot either. I really liked the fresh smell that it had and it lasted well throughout the day. Sometimes I feel like a foundation can sit my your pores and looks really uneven on my skin but the tinted moisturiser sank in really well and also left my face feeling really soft. I was impressed that it had spf15 added too, this helped stop my skin burning with all the lovely weather we are having. My sister was amazed when I told her that I had used the nivea tinted moisturiser and she thought that is just used my normal foundation. She could not tell any different between them. I am so impressed that I will always have a bottle of this in my make up bag in the future.
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