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Sun sprays are particularly convenient and popular because they are so easy to use. Our range consists of various pump sprays with classic grip, trigger and aerosol sun sprays. Simply spray on your sun protection product, rub briefly and you are well protected.
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Sun spray: enjoy the sun responsibly

If the heat and the sun lure you outside in summer, a sun spray provides responsible skin protection and unspoilt enjoyment. Sunlight is vital for us: the ultraviolet rays stimulate metabolism and strengthen the immune system. Under the influence of UVB radiation, the body forms the important vitamin D, which influences general bone strength. Spending time outdoors and exercising in the fresh air are therefore pleasant and beneficial at any age. Children especially enjoy the outdoors on sunny days for playing games and sports and relaxing. But although light has an important effect on healthy development, the sun must be enjoyed wisely. Especially in childhood the skin is extremely sensitive to the effects of excessive UV exposure. A sun spray provides long-lasting protection against cell damage and prevents the development of skin cancer. Simple and practical to apply, sun sprays offer quick but especially reliable protection against UVA and UVB radiation.

NIVEA sun sprays: effective sun protection

Sun sprays are particularly easy to use and inhibit the harmful effects of intense solar radiation. NIVEA has developed a variety of sun sprays to meet all our consumers’ needs – the nourishing sun sprays combine effective sun protection with gentle care and intensive moisture. The Protect & Bronze sprays contain natural pro-melanin extract thus ensuring a particularly beautiful, long-lasting tan. The NIVEA Sun Protect & Refresh sprays have a pleasantly cooling effect and leave skin feeling refreshed and silky. For skin that is particularly sensitive, there are the Protect & Sensitive sprays. These products are free of fragrances, colours and preservatives, and provide very high UVA protection. For healthy fun in the sun, you also need to apply a soothing After Sun care product after sunbathing. Cooling after sun lotions moisturise and soothe the skin.