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A fresh shower gel especially made for men to care for your skin. A caring formula with a masculine scent for long-lasting freshness. NIVEA MEN Protect & Care Shower Gel.

Size: 250 ML
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Item number: 83611 (836110459965) Product range: Protect & Care

SHOWER GEL BODY, FACE & HAIR For men who want a clean and moisturised skin feeling right after showering. The caring formula with Aloe Vera helps to protect your skin from drying out. It provides you with a feel of intensive moisturization for a healthy looking skin.

Aloe Vera

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All-in-one clean!
I bought three variants of this product, aware that Nivea are skin care specialists and don't hype their product, unlike other makes: they don't need to. It does the job superbly from top to bottom, and I don't get tingling sensations due to its purity. The packaging is ideal for travel, so I never go without Nivea's shower gel - even if the hotels have other gels/shampoos.
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Great features, leave skin feeling silky
skin feels silky and smooth once after shower, very nice and keeps body moist.
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