The Science

Did you know that only a few women use a care routine that is actually suited to their skin? This results in a lot of dissatisfied women who don't end up with what they want for their skin. We'd like to change that.


years of experience in skincare

+20 million

Facial analyses

With more than 135 years of experience, NIVEA has been an expert in skincare for generations. NIVEA SKiN GUiDE is our way of taking our knowledge one decisive step further. We‘re grateful for the digital technology that makes it possible for us to share our skin expertise with you directly. With just a scan of your skin, you can find out what it really needs. We'll make you an expert on your own skin.


women worldwide
To develop NIVEA SKiN GUiDE, more than 10,000 women worldwide analysed their skin every day for several months. Our work is based on more than 20 million images, which were analysed using artificial intelligence. This is how we tailor to each and every skin type and its individual needs. Because your skin is just as unique as you are.

This research is now available for the benefit of your skin. It just takes a selfie to analyse your skin age, firmness, clarity and even tone using artificial intelligence. As an active user, you’ll also contribute to making the technology even better as it learns from your images.

After every scan, we show you your skin scores. We explain what the scores mean, and recommend that you keep a digital skin diary. With regular analyses, you can receive precise product recommendations or even a complete skincare routine. You'll also get personalised tips and tricks - everything tailored to your skin.
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