Lucy Campbell – Britain’s Women's Surfing Champion is NIVEA UK Sustainability Ambassador

In her new role as sustainability ambassador for NIVEA in the UK, Lucy is calling for increased awareness of the damage that plastic is doing to our ocean:

“I’m lucky that my job allows me to spend my life in the ocean,” she says.Every day, I experience this natural resource that is so vital to the survival of our planet. What’s difficult, though, is the visibility of plastic pollution – it’s truly heart-breaking to see the damage it is doing to our ocean.

I am determined to change things, and I’m proud to be part of NIVEA’s #CutbackOnPlasticPollution campaign in my role as NIVEA UK’s sustainability ambassador. Whether the changes made are big or small, I know we can all improve when it comes to cutting back on plastic pollution. If everyone takes a little step, we’re one step closer to saving our seas.”