Bakuchiol Skincare Products

You might not have heard of bakuchiol or bakuchiol products, but they are becoming increasingly popular within skincare routines. 

Bakuchiol is the plant-based alternative to retinol, sharing the same benefits of combating wrinkles, alleviating acne and evening skin tones. The difference between the two is that bakuchiol is natural - making it much more gentle on the skin and perfectly suitable for people with sensitive skin, or women during pregnancy.

Explore our range of products containing bakuchiol, to find the perfect products to kickstart your bakuchiol skincare routine.

What Are The Benefits Of Bakuchiol Products?

Bakuchiol skincare routines are becoming increasingly popular due to the range of benefits they provide:

1) Vegan-Friendly
Firstly, bakuchiol products are plant-based, making them vegan-friendly. This means that it is not made with the help of animals or their byproducts. 

When plant-based ingredients are sourced responsibly they are sustainable - which is much better for our planet. At NIVEA we have a commitment to care for our planet as well as our skin, and by expanding our range of vegan-friendly ingredients, like bakuchiol, we are sticking to our commitment. Bakuchiol is also pregnancy-safe.

2) Combats Wrinkles
Being a Retinol-alternative, bakuchiol creams and products combat wrinkles by increasing the amount of collagen in our skin, which we lose as we get older. This helps to keep our skin elastic and in shape - preventing fine lines and wrinkles from appearing. As a result, adding bakuchiol products to your skincare routine will help to combat the early signs of wrinkles as well as help to reduce the appearance of ones that are already formed.

The best bakuchiol products to combat wrinkles are ones that contain both bakuchiol and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid helps your skin to retain moisture, which in turn keeps it hydrated - preventing the development of any unwanted wrinkles. This, combined with bakuchiol’s ability to boost collagen, is an ideal combination to combat the formation of wrinkles and the appearance of developed ones.

3) Alleviates Acne
Bakuchiol is an antioxidant, which helps to reduce the impact that damaging free radicals can have on your skin. These free radicals irritate acne-prone skin and can cause an unwanted flair-up. 

By adding bakuchiol products to your skincare routine you can soothe sensitive, acne-prone skin whilst also protecting it from becoming worse. The best bakuchiol products also act as anti-inflammatories - helping to alleviate inflamed and swollen acne.

4) Evens skin tone
As an antioxidant, bakuchiol creams reduce the effect that damaging UV rays can have on your skin. Overexposure to these UV rays can cause the production of melanin in your skin to become unbalanced, leading to darker patches and an uneven skin tone. By protecting your skin from the sun’s rays, you can even out your skin tone and prevent new dark spots from appearing.

The best bakuchiol products offer a sun protection factor as well as hydration - to protect your skin from sun damage and the potential concerns that arise from too much sun exposure.


Bakuchiol Skincare Routine Tips

To harbour the full power of bakuchiol products, you need a bakuchiol skincare routine. To help, we’ve created our own bakuchiol skincare routine that you can follow!

1) Apply Bakuchiol Products After A Shower
Applying a bakuchiol cream after you shower helps to lock moisture into your skin - keeping it hydrated for longer. The better hydrated your skin is, the better it is at fighting off fine lines and wrinkles.

2) Overnight Skincare
As you sleep, your skin works hard to regenerate and repair itself, but sometimes it may need a little help. By adding a bakuchiol night cream to your skincare routine, you’re providing your skin with the hydration it needs to efficiently regenerate and repair - reducing and preventing the appearance of wrinkles!

3) Use a face mask 
Face masks are a great addition to skincare routines for healthy and glowing skin. They are easy to use and packed full of ingredients that benefit all types of skin. Face masks with bakuchiol increase skin hydration, provide an even skin tone and diminish wrinkles.

The beauty of face masks is that they are easy to apply and work in just 10 minutes!