brunette lady enjoying the perfect shower routine

9 Steps For The Perfect Shower Routine

Find out how can you make the most out of your shower routine to keep your skin radiant and happy.

Discover the perfect shower routine to leave skin nourished and radiant after each and every shower.

The Perfect Shower Routine

Pamper and care for your skin by finding the perfect shower routine for you.

Things to avoid when showering

  • Water that's too hot - your skin prefers cold or lukewarm water to retain it's natural oils
  • Shower gels containing alcohol - alcohol dries out the skin and also strips it of its natural oils
  • Washing your face in the shower - shower water is too hot for your face and will cause more damage than good so washing your face with cold water at the sink is much better for it
  • Spending too long in the shower - the longer you spend in the shower the more you will dry your skin out

The Perfect Shower Routine

To get the most out of every shower, here at NIVEA we've got the perfect shower routine to pamper and care for your skin:

  1. Before stepping into the shower adjust the temperature so that it's lukewarm
  2. Brush your hair to get the knots out and reduce the amount of hair likely to clog the hole
  3. Exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells
  4. Shampoo thoroughly making sure to massage your roots - this helps to make sure you're reaching all the hairs as well as feeling nice for the scalp
  5. Rinse thoroughly till your hair feels 'squeaky'
  6. Apply conditioner to the ends of your hair avoiding the roots - applying conditioner to your roots, although pampering and moisturising, will cause your hair to become greasy faster resulting in needing to wash it more often which is not good for your hair
  7. While the conditioner is soaking into your hair, apply a moisturising shower gel to your whole body such as the NIVEA Oil Infused Lotus Shower Cream
  8. If necessary, apply shaving foam or shower gel to areas of your body you want to shave - the warm water causes the hair to become softer which makes it easier to shave and helps to prevent shaving rash
  9. Rinse with cold water to tighten the pores

Water temperature and skin health

Water temperature plays a key role when trying to achieve the perfect shower routine and has a big impact on your skin.

Hot Water:

Although there's nothing better than a hot shower to relax or wake up to on a cold morning, it could actually be damaging for your skin health. As a general rule if your skin stings in the shower or starts to turn red, your shower is too hot and it will be causing harm to your skin. This is because using hot water strips your skin of it's natural oils and dries out your skin. The same thing can be said for keeping your hair healthy, having a shower that is too hot will also strip your hair of it's natural oils leaving it drier and more vulnerable to damage. Skin conditions such as eczema can also become inflamed can worsen if your shower water is too hot

Cold Water:

There are many benefits to showering in cold water and you should try to implement cold water into your skin 
1. Pores become tightened making skin feel firmer and also restricting the amount of dirt that can get into your pores
2. Improves skin's ability to respond to injury
3. Allows your skin to retain it's natural oils without drying out