Gradual Tan

Create a beautiful natural tan using one of our Gradual Tan Moisturisers. You can gradually build up a natural-looking tan for a sun-kissed, even, and radiant glow that looks as if you just got back from a holiday. Use them all year round for a gorgeous winter tan too. Not only will you look tanned, but skin will also be kept hydrated and cared for, with a fresh and summery scent. Discover our gradual tan today.

Why Choose NIVEA Gradual Tan?

Looking for the best self tanner? The NIVEA gradual tan provides you with a gradual, very natural looking tan and radiant glow. This effective tanning cream has a skin firming formula containing powerful Q10 to improve skin elasticity in just 10 days, helping skin to look tighter, firmer and plumper. Q10 is a very effective anti-ageing ingredient which helps to fight free radicals such as UV light and pollution, common culprits for weakening the skins defensive barrier and causing premature ageing. Skin is able to more effectively repair and regenerate new cells when Q10 stores are replenished using this radiant gradual tan. Not only will the NIVEA gradual tan provide you with firmer, healthy-looking, and radiant skin, but you’ll be left with up to 48 hours of intensively moisturised skin. NIVEA gradual tan features fresh scents of rose, jasmine, peach and plum mixed with notes of bergamot, green notes and violet leaves to give you a fresh and summery scent rather than the dreaded biscuity scent that often comes with using fake tan products. It's a gradual tan that encapsulates the feeling of a holiday tan, by giving you a healthy, radiant and natural glow.


How To Get The Most Out Of Your Gradual Tan

We want you to get the most out of your gradual tan so that your skin looks as radiant as it can. NIVEA gradual tan is very easy to apply and doesn't require much work to get your skin looking fabulous, but here are some quick tips on how to get the realest fake tan you can:

1. Exfoliate

Remove dead skin cells before applying your gradual tan so that the skin can easily and evenly absorb it.

2. Apply after a warm shower

Skin is hydrated after a shower but it can then dry out quickly, so applying a deeply hydrating gradual tan like this straight away after showering will help to lock in all that extra moisture so your skin will look even more radiant. Remember to allow the product to dry completely before getting dressed.

3. Wash your hands afterwards

Due to the light, silky formula of NIVEA gradual tan, you can enjoy a streak-free tan using just your hands to rub it into your body – just like you would with your normal body moisturiser. But make sure you remember to wash your hands afterwards, as the palms of your hands can absorb tanning products more quickly than the rest of your body – and no-body wants tanned palms!


Why Is Gradual Tan So Popular?

Most people agree that feeling tanned feels great, and often we prefer how we look with a tan. This is because fake tan or a natural tan gives you a beautiful, radiant glow which often gives you a little confidence boost. Many women love to look tanned all year round, and can’t rely on UK weather for a natural tan, which is why they use a fake tan. Gradual tan is a safe way to feel and look tanned all year round without the health risk that comes with basking in the sun or achieving a tan with other methods. Higher factor sunscreens are becoming increasingly popular as people are now more aware of the risks of not protecting their skin from the sun. This means gradual tan is a much-preferred alternative for many people who want a beautiful healthy looking sun-kissed glow.