Sun Protection For Children

Protecting your children from the sun is important. NIVEA sunscreen for kids provides highly effective immediate UVA/UVB protection to make sure you and your kids can enjoy the summer sun without worrying.

Let your kids enjoy the sunshine

The first line of protection for babies, toddlers and kids is wearing appropriate clothing in the sun where possible, to protect them from the sun's rays. Sun protection should be used on exposed areas where kids can't cover up from the sun.

You can provide your kids with effective sun protection from the UVA/UVB rays from the sun when you use NIVEA's sunscreen for kids. NIVEA Kids Protect & Care Sun Lotion SPF50+ is designed to care for children's skin as well as shield it, leaving skin protected, moisturised and ready to enjoy the summer. But remember babies and toddlers need extra protective sun cream as their skin is thin and hasn't fully developed it's natural protective barrier. This is why it's important to reapply sunscreen multiple times to minimise the damage from sun exposure.

Optimum sun protection for Kids

During the first 12 months babies should never spend time in the blazing sun, however, this isn't always possible. So protecting your child from the sun is your next best option, making sure they're wearing UV protective clothing and applying NIVEA's sun lotions for kids will help keep your little ones safe. Read our expert advice on sun cream for kids and sun cream for babies to find out more about the best sun protection for your children.