Our best sunscreen for your baby

Babies’ skin is particularly sensitive, which means it's even more important to make sure they are protected. You can protect your baby from the consequences of damaging UV rays by using a sun cream with a high SPF. NIVEA Baby helps the little ones by offering effective sun protection.

Babies love the sun – make sure you protect them properly

Direct sun radiation is a particular risk for babies’ young, delicate skin. Where possible, you should make sure your baby is completely dressed if spending time outdoors. Using special sun cream for babies is essential to protect them from damaging UV rays while they are still young. Do not forget that even indirect rays can damage the skin. And it is not only children’s skin that is still very sensitive; their eyes also need protecting from UV light. That’s why it's important to get them a pair of sunglasses of their own, because if it's too bright for you, it's definitely too bright for them. Once they get older they'll still need protection though, read our sunscreen for kids advice to find out what children need to avoid sun damage.

From what age should my baby wear sun cream?

NIVEA Baby Caring Sun Lotion protects babies from as early as 3 months. However, to ensure your baby is protected, dermatologists recommend that you never expose babies and toddlers up to three years old to long-term, direct sunlight. Once they get older you can start using Kids Sunscreen to protect their skin from the sun's rays.

Protecting babies’ skin from the sun is child’s play

  • Keep a specialist sun cream for babies to hand : NIVEA sunscreen for babies with SPF 50+ is great for full protection.
  • Apply sun cream to your baby’s face and body several times a day.
  • Keep baby’s head cool with hats and caps with neck flaps.

Protect your baby from UV Rays

Sun protection factor in sunscreen for babies

As the skin’s own protection has not yet fully developed in children, it is said that the skin can generally protect itself for approximately 5 minutes before it is affected, but using a baby sun cream can extend this period of protection. Children should use a sun protection factor of at least 30. This will extend their protection to approximately two and a half hours. However, sun cream with an SPF rating of 50+ are the best for your baby, and will provide the optimum coverage. Remember though, you will need to reapply sun cream to your baby regularly to ensure they remain sufficiently protected.
Make sure you apply the sun cream to your baby several times a day, as their skin is too young to protect itself against the sun’s rays for long periods. Important: reapplying sunscreen does not extend the protection, it just maintains the existing protection.


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