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Face care for men – NIVEA Men Facial Care Products
 Men’s skin places individual demands on the texture of skin care products and the way they work. Their characteristics differ from those of women’s skin. Face products for men are specially designed to best meet the needs of male skin. It is therefore not very effective to dip into your partner’s face cream – and in many cases it is even not recommended because face cream for women is often too oily.
Face care for men: individual demands on the way products work
 Men's skin is about 15 to 20 percent thicker than women's skin and much richer in sebaceous glands. The result is a tendency to develop acne and blemishes. Men's skin care products for the face address this. They provide the skin with moisture and contain less oil, so that the pores are not additionally burdened.
Type and age-appropriate face care for men
 Men’s skin is very hairy. This characteristic feature is impressively demonstrated in beard growth. With between 5,000 and 30,000 hairs, the beard area takes up about a third of the face. They grow close to each other and are all surrounded by sebaceous or oil glands. Revitalising face care for men responds to the texture of men's skin and takes into consideration the effects of shaving. Men's skin contains a greater proportion of collagen, which is why it looks plump and taut for longer than women's skin. However, from the age of 35 years, the collagen fibres start to degrade – sometimes even faster than in women – and the first wrinkles start to show. Anti-ageing ingredients and face care for men that differentiates between day and night care provides relaxation and well-being. Face care for men is effective when it is developed according to scientific findings. NIVEA uses years of experience and current dermatology knowledge as a basis for progressive care concepts that are carefully designed to be appropriate to the need.