How to Get Summer Skin

During summer your skin goes through a lot, whether this is being in the sun all day, sand at the beach or salty water from the sea - that’s why it’s important to take care of your skin during this season! 


To have radiant skin all year round can be a challenge, however we have some summer skincare tips and changes you can make to your routine to ensure your skin is hydrated and glowing in the summer months. 


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The Sun and Your Skin

It is fair to say most people enjoy basking in the sun and some summer tanning, however, if done in excess and without appropriate protection, this can cause serious skin damage. Which is why summer skin care is very important. 


The dangers of sun damage are long-lasting and can lead to problems such as skin cancer and premature skin ageing. The immediate damage to the skin from the sun is sunburn, which can lead to dry, wrinkled, leathery and discoloured skin. The skin may then appear thicker and tougher but is in fact weaker and prone to other damage more easily. 


Protecting your skin in the summer

To achieve immaculate summer skin, we have some summer skincare tips for you!
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1. SPF

The first and most important aspect of summer skin care is sunscreen and SPF. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and is advised to be worn all year round, though this is even more important during the summer months. When the weather is warmer, the sun is stronger and you tend to spend more time outdoors, therefore, your skin is more vulnerable to sun damage. It is recommended to wear at least SPF 30 for the best summer skin care as there is a large jump in the protection from SPF15 to SPF30 which can help prevent burns and longer-lasting damage to your skin.

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2. Stay out of the strong sun

It may be tempting to sit in the sun for hours for some summer tanning - but this is how a lot of skin damage is caused. It is advised to keep out of the sun particularly in the middle of the day from about 11am to 3pm as this is when the ultraviolet rays are at their strongest. If you do find yourself in the sun during this period, it is important to take correct skin precautions, such as SPF and suitable clothing.
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3. Suitable Clothing

One of the best summer skincare tips is to wear suitable clothing during the summer months. It may be tempting to sit in the sun wearing nothing more than a swimming costume, but wearing protective clothing like a hat and long-sleeves will help to protect your skin.

Which sunscreen should you use?

It is essential to know that anyone who spends time in the sun should wear sunscreen, whether you have dark or fair skin, young or old, it’s important for all skin types. Children should also wear sunscreen over the age of 6 months and keeping them out of the sun with protective clothing is necessary. 

There are two different types of sunscreen you will notice when buying, these being:

  • Physical sunscreen 
    Also commonly called mineral sunscreen, which helps to protect the skin from sun damage by creating a physical barrier that shields it from the suns rays. Most of these sunscreens use zinc oxide and titanium oxide which are safe for the skin and are recommended for those with sensitive skin and those prone to acne. 

  • Chemical sunscreen
    This works differently, by not blocking rays but by absorbing them before your skin can. When applied, these sunscreens do not leave any visible layer and tend to be more easily applied. 
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Summer Skin Care Routine Tips

When it comes to your summer skin care routine you don’t have to re-think everything in your skincare routine, but it is important to adjust it slightly for the warmer weather to attain that glowing summer skin. Here are a few summer skincare tips to add to your routine:

1.  Cleanse your skin 
We know this is probably part of your skin care routine already, but in the summer months when we are sweating more and spending more time outdoors, it is important that you are cleansing your skin at least twice a day.

2.  Sunscreen
As mentioned, this is an essential part of anyone’s summer skincare routine, whether you are using a physical or chemical sunscreen - it’s important that you apply this before leaving the house. 

3.  Moisturiser 
This is important for after a day in the sun when your skin may be feeling dry. Apply moisturiser or even after-sun if you have been in the sun all day to ensure your skin doesn’t become wrinkled, dry and cracked. 

4.  Exfoliate
The primary job of an exfoliant is to remove dead skin cells and any other pore-clogging impurities. Be careful though, it is important to only exfoliate once or twice a week, as more than this can leave your skin more vulnerable to the UV rays and sun damage. 


How to Treat Sun Damaged Skin

If you do find yourself with sun-damaged skin, it is not the end of the world! We have some summer skin care tips for you:
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It might seem like an ordeal to wear moisturiser in the summer as it can feel heavy and sweaty on the face, but one of our key summer skincare tips is to switch your heavy moisturiser with a lighter one. This will help to avoid excessive sweat and oil in these areas but also ensure your skin is getting the summer skin care it deserves. Moisturising the skin if you do have sun damage is even more important. Explore our range of after-sun, for our best post-sun care for your skin.

Retinol and Retinoids are the most effective for anti-ageing and reversing the signs of years of sun damage. These work by quickly removing the surface skin cells to allow for new cell growth underneath. Although effective for those who have years of sun damage, it is also key to note that retinol leaves your skin more vulnerable to new sun damage and therefore should be applied with a stronger level of SPF protection than you would normally use.

Discover our summer skincare tips to keep your skin protected in the sun.