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The 5 Benefits Of Amino Acids For Skin

Everything you need to know about Amino Acids and the crucial role they play in maintaining youthful skin.


Amino Acids play an important role in our body and makeup around 20% of its entirety. They give us the ability to taste delicious foods and act as an energy source used to complete day-to-day activities, but did you also know that Amino Acids have a handful of benefits for your skin? They have a variety of anti-aging properties that can help to keep your skin looking youthful, as well as properties that aid in hydration and collagen production.

Read our guide for all of the benefits of Amino Acids for skin, including the different types and properties that they offer.
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Amino Acids are small molecules that join together to form proteins. The body uses these proteins to help in a wide array of bodily functions such as breaking down food particles, building muscle, giving your immune system a boost, and repairing damaged body tissue. Most importantly, in terms of skincare, Amino Acids play a vital role in allowing us to maintain healthy skin.

Amino Acids can be found in high-protein foods, including:
- Beef 
- Poultry 
- Fish 
- Eggs 
- Dairy 
- Soy 
- Quinoa
- Buckwheat 
- Nuts



The nutrients found in Amino Acids play an essential role in your skin as they contain many qualities that promote skin health. They have the ability to repair wounded skin because of their healing properties and can protect your skin from harsh sunlight. Amino Acids can also maintain your skin's ideal microbiome, and balance out the acids in your cellular layers while helping with water retention.


Amino Acids are constantly involved in the process of creating connective, structural proteins that allow the skin to toughen up whilst maintaining its smooth texture. Amino Acids also play a part in helping the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles which are common signs of skin aging. 

Here are some beneficial properties of Amino Acids for your skin:


1. Increased Hydration and Water Retention: Amino Acids push moisture through and into the skin, which keeps the outer layer of your skin feeling nourished and hydrated. This process is essential, as prolonged dryness can often lead to skin concerns like acne and premature wrinkles. They can enhance water absorption making them pairable with ingredients used to maintain skin hydration, like Hyaluronic Acid.

2. Antioxidant Properties: Amino Acids are effective antioxidants, which means that they can help to reduce inflammation, improve skin complexion and even protect your skin from damaging free radicals.

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Collagen is also essential for the skin’s natural renewal process, so eating foods rich in proteins or utilising products made of Collagen Amino Acids is recommended.

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3. Building Collagen: Amino Acids are known for their ability to promote the production of Collagen, as well as Fibrinogen and Elastin. Collagen keeps your skin from sagging by ensuring that your skin stays strong and maintains elasticity. Collagen is also essential for the skin’s natural renewal process, so eating foods rich in proteins or utilising products made of Collagen Amino Acids is recommended.

4. Promoting Cellular Repair: Amino Acids also help to promote the production of  Peptides, which can help to reduce the formation of wrinkles and also promote skin regeneration.

5. Anti-aging: Each Amino Acid has essential benefits regarding specific aging concerns. You can smoothen your skin, tighten your skin, or diminish fine lines and wrinkles by using products with the right Amino Acids. This makes Amino Acids great ingredients for anti-aging products. For targeted anti-age skincare, explore NIVEA’s wide range of anti-aging products, specifically designed to minimise fine lines and wrinkles. 


Amino Acids are categorised into two different types known as:

Essential Amino Acids: These are Amino Acids that are not produced by the body and are only gained through eating specific foods and taking supplements that contain them.

Non-essential Amino Acids: These are Amino Acids that have been produced by the body. 

Both types of Amino Acids play a pivotal role in achieving and maintaining a healthier skin complexion. There are 20 Amino Acids that are important for our health, but there are 6 main Amino Acids that have proven to have extra benefits for your skin, these include:

1) Arginine: Assists the restoration of any skin damage such as acne scarring.
2) Histidine: Soothes the skin and holds antioxidant properties.
3) Glutamine: Produces antioxidants and protects from skin impurities.
4) Lysine: Builds and toughens the surface of the skin.
5) Proline and Lysine: Both work great when targeting skin aging concerns, helping with fine lines and wrinkles.
6) Glycine: Helps in retaining moisture in the skin and regenerating skin cells.

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If you’re looking to enrich your skincare routine with beneficial Amino Acids, NIVEA recommends browsing products with Amino Acid Complex. Amino Acid Complex found in skincare is typically a collection of Amino Acids which help to rejuvenate and revitalise your skin. 


Making sure that your skin is clean and ready for a perfect night's rest is extremely important. Explore NIVEA’s new generation of Micellar Water, made with Amino Acid Complex to lift 99% of make-up & impurities with only a few light swipes, available in three different formulas all suited for sensitive skin.

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