Micellar Water

Because of how effective it is, micellar water, also known as micellar cleanser, is a popular product in skincare routines. It’s perfect for removing even the most stubborn of makeup and cleaning your face from dirt and external aggressors -  without leaving behind any oily or sticky residue. Our range of micellar cleansing water is made for people with all types of skin, without the need for rinsing or rubbing. Discover our best micellar cleaner and everything you need to know about micellar cleansing water. 

What Is Micellar Water? And How Does It Work?

So what is micellar water? You’ve probably heard of it and what it does, but what actually is it and how does it work? Our Micellar all-in-one makeup remover products use mild surfactants which group together to form micelles (hence micellar water). These micelle groups then act like magnets, drawing dirt and oil from your skin. When you use our MicellAIR products with cotton, the micelles attach to the cotton and clean the skin of daily irritants, like sebum, dirt and makeup - whilst also allowing the skin to breathe and unclogging pores.


From Micellar Water to Makeup Wipes

Whether you prefer using your micellar cleanser on a cotton pad or you want micellar makeup wipes for on the go, we've got you covered! Our micellar makeup wipes offer the same effectiveness as cotton pads, drawing out the dirt and oil from your skin. Discover our best micellar cleanser wipes for a super clean and refreshed face!


Micellar Water For All Skin Types:

The best micellar cleansing waters are ones that can be used on all skin types. Wondering where you can find them? You’re in the right place. Our wide range of micellar cleansing waters help to effectively cleanse all types of skin, from oily skin to sensitive skin, and even acne-prone skin.


Micellar Water Oily Skin

As well as other skin types, micellar cleanser is great for oily skin. The micelles within micellar cleanser attract oil, helping to draw excess sebum away from your skin and prevent a build up of oil. As a result, micellar water oily skin care helps to combat spots that are normally caused by oily skin.


Micellar Water For Sensitive Skin

Micellar cleansing water can also be used to cleanse sensitive skin. Some micellar cleaners are harsh on sensitive skin as they remove essential oils and leave the skin dry. Our micellar water for sensitive skin is made with glycerin to moisturise and hydrate the skin whilst it's being cleansed - protecting sensitive skin from becoming dry and even more irritated. 


Micellar Water For Acne-Prone Skin

Acne-prone skin is easily irritated by the buildup of dirt and excess sebum on the skin. Using micellar water for acne-prone skin can help to remove this dirt and excess sebum - which in turn reduces the severity of acne and prevents it from becoming inflamed. 

The best micellar water for acne-prone skin are ones that reduce the build-up of oil on the skin. Try our NIVEA MicellAIR Professional Micellar Water, which leaves a 0% greasy residue to combat acne.


Micellar Water Or Toner?

Micellar cleansing water and toner are often mistaken. Although they look the same and offer similar benefits, they slightly differ in what they’re used for. Micellar cleansing water is designed to clean your skin, by removing makeup, dirt and other external aggressors. Whereas toner is designed to replenish the skin with hydration and minerals that are removed when cleansing with micellar water. 

In short, micellar cleansing water and toner are designed to be used in partnership to clean and replenish your skin, for a healthy glow.