charcoal used to unclog large pores on nose


Find out the best ways to keep your nose pores clear and maintain radiant, glowing skin.

What are nose pores?

If you look closely at your skin, you will probably have noticed lots of tiny holes that span your entire body. Your arms, legs, face and nose, they’re all covered in these tiny openings called pores - and there’s a very good reason why.

Pores are very important for allowing your skin to breathe. They are each connected to a hair follicle to allow sebum (the oil naturally produced by the skin) to be released onto the skin’s surface, which helps keep your skin moisturised and supple whilst removing nasty toxins.

There are two types of skin pores that can be found on your body:

Oil pores: These are connected to your sebaceous glands and are crucial for the production of sebum. Sebum plays a key role in keeping your skin healthy, so it’s important not to shrink away pores even if you can help by keeping them unclogged.

Sweat pores: These are much smaller in size than oil pores, but they still serve a similar function by letting sweat reach the skin’s surface, helping you maintain a regulated body temperature.



What are nose pores?

Whilst nose pores are functionally no different to other skin pores, they are usually bigger than those found on other body parts. This is largely due to pre-determined factors (i.e. your genetic makeup), but it can also be explained by the size of the sebaceous glands found underneath the skin, which also tend to be bigger.

man with clear unclogged nose pores

Blocked pores on nose

What causes blocked nose pores? And how can you unclog pores on nose?

On the whole, nose pores do a pretty good job at keeping out excess oils or dirt that may end up there, but sometimes, the unwanted particles find themselves trapped within the hair follicle, which results in a blockage.

When this happens, the skin is unable to breathe properly and may lead to various skin blemishes such as blackheads, skin inflammation or acne.


How to unclog pores on nose


There are some great and simple steps you can take to help unclog nose pores. Take a look at our five top tips:
man cleansing blocked nose pores in the shower

How to unclog pores on nose

Cleanse gently and daily

Always make sure you’re using a gentle cleanser on your skin, and don’t scrub too hard! It’s best to wash your face once in the morning and evening with warm water, to really ensure you’ve removed the build-up of dirt or oil residues. Also, make sure you’re only using oil-free products when facial cleansing to prevent further clogged nose pores.

exfoliating large nose pores

How to unclog pores on nose

Don’t forget to exfoliate

Exfoliating will help remove dead skin cells, which can often make nose pores appear bigger than usual. Try using the NIVEA MEN Protect & Care Face Scrub twice a week to help reduce blocked nose pores and rejuvenate your skin.

man and woman using sunscreen to help reduce nose pores

How to unclog pores on nose

Apply sunscreen

Using a reliable sunscreen regularly will help prevent your nose pores from appearing larger due to sun damage. When you think about it, your nose is the most exposed part of your face, so it makes sense that it would be the most important part to protect!

man steaming his face over the sink to open up his nose pores

How to unclog pores on nose

Steam steam steam

Once your skin is cleansed, exposing it to steam will open up the pores whilst allowing the skin to breathe. It will help loosen the build-up of impurities for a more thorough cleanse, and not to mention will leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed!

man wearing a black charcoal face mask for nose pores

How to unclog pores on nose

Try a charcoal face mask

There are lots of skin benefits associated with activated charcoal. It’s particularly known for being an excellent absorbent, meaning it’s great for drawing out any excess oils or toxins from your nose pores and leaving your skin feeling fresh and smooth.


Unclog large pores on nose


This one is for the men who want a quick and effective way to deeply clean skin and beard hair. The NIVEA Men Deep 1 Minute Mask is a thorough cleanser for both your face and beard, enriched with Black Charcoal and clay to clear away residues and excess oils. The Black Charcoal acts as a magnet to pull out the trapped oil and dirt from the skin’s clean pores, and only takes 1 minute to work its magic!

nivea men deep one minute face mask

What to avoid to achieve unclogged nose pores

Although it may be tempting, avoid squeezing your nose pores! When you do this, you run the risk of enlarging the pores even further and may likely spread bacteria to other skin pores too, causing potential infections.

You should also avoid products that are designed to dry out your skin, as this will only stimulate the skin to produce more oil than it needs, contributing to bigger pores. 

To find out more hacks about unclogged pores, why not take a read of some more tips we have on how to reduce pore size.