Micellar Water and Acne

Acne, spots and blackheads can cause problems for everyone at some point in their lives. With NIVEA Micellar Water face cleansing has never been so easy, gentle and kind to sensitive skin, removing pore blocking makeup and refreshing skin at the end of the day. Explore how NIVEA Micellar can work as a makeup remover for acne and one of the best gentle cleansers for acne.

Micellar Water and Acne

The A-Z of acne and face cleansing

Dealing with acne and oily skin

Excess sebum can cause oily skin, read our oily skincare guide for more information, NIVEA's Micellar for oily skin is perfect for those who struggle with the facial shine, wiping away excess oil without overly drying your face (over drying can lead to an overproduction of sebum leading to breakouts).

Try NIVEA Oil Free Micellar Gel, remember when it comes to acne prevention is always better than the cure. 

Acne and Micellar Water

Learning how to get rid of spots can be frustrating, especially with so much information out there. However, one thing is essential, you need to clean your face.

Cleaning your face first thing in the morning and last thing at night is crucial, even more so if you wear stubborn makeup or waterproof mascara. Fortunately, NIVEA MicellAIR Professional Micellar Water is perfect for facial cleansing, formulated with micellar and black tea extract to easily and gently remove makeup without irritation, taking care of sensitive skin.

Some face cleansers leave product residue behind that can block pores and trap dirt leading to spots, acne and blackheads forming. NIVEA's Micellar products are residue free, to prevent breakouts, perfect for acne prone skin.

Acne Causes

Face cleaning is the first step

Causes of acne

  • Genetics, sometimes we're just unlucky. From the way our immune system works to the bacteria in our stomach genetics have an effect. That doesn't mean you can strike back with an effective skincare routine
  • Hormones, sometimes the bane of our lives but a necessary evil. Hormones can be especially active during our teenage years or through pregnancy
  • Diet, surprise! Eating oily or unhealthy foods can change our gut bacteria or cause oil to overproduce from our pores leading to spots
  • Medication, certain medications can affect the hormones in your body which can then cause spots. If you think that your medication is causing you to breakout, go and see your doctor.
  • Skincare, harsh skincare such as over-exfoliating, using a face cleanser that leaves residue to just having bad skincare can contribute to spots

How to prevent spots

Spot Prevention

  1. Cleanse your face, day and night. 
  2. Always remove makeup before bed, micellar water works as the perfect makeup remover for acne.
  3. Wash your hair, hair can carry impurities like oils that can cause spots
  4. Diet, eat a varied, healthy balanced diet
  5. Avoid touching your face if you can, you carry germs and dirt on your hands.
  6. Moisturise
  7. Wash your makeup brushes