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Discover the best face wipes for you

Understanding which face wipes to use can be complex. So we've created a guide on a variety of NIVEA face wipes to help you get to know which are the best face wipes for your needs.

What are the best face wipes for you?

There is certainly plenty to choose from when it comes to determining the best face wipes for you. Having to choose between a variety of makeup wipes, micellar wipes, facial cleansing wipes, face wipes for different skin types and biodegradable wipes can certainly be confusing. Read on to discover what the best face wipes are for you.
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Why use face cleansing wipes?

Although one of the best ways to wash your face is still to give it a good wash, cleanse and tone, sometimes this just simply isn't possible. Or practical. Or sometimes, you just simply do not possess the energy - ever come home from a late night out and have wanted to collapse immediately, forgoing the standard face cleansing routine? Face cleansing wipes can help.

Other situations that are best for face wipes to be your go to for cleansing your face are when you are on-the-go, want a midday touch up or to remove minor errors whilst applying makeup, without having to start the routine over. In short, face cleansing wipes are best in situations when you need a quick and convenient cleaning solution.

Cleansing your face is important for radiant skin

Skin goes through a lot each day. Whether it be subject to the application of makeup or pollution in the air, it is constantly exposed to stress throughout the day that can cause damage. That is why it is essential to thoroughly cleanse your face twice a day, morning and night, to remove impurities and excess debris in order to reinforce its natural defenses and keep it remaining healthy and beautiful.

So how do you know what the best face wipes for you are?

Like with all skincare products, the best place to start is determining your skin type as specific products are created differently to address different skin needs. For example if you have extremely sensitive skin, the best face wipes will be milder and kinder to skin. If you are a heavy makeup user, the best face wipes will be ones specifically designed to remove makeup. The wet wipes for your face will be ones that are effective at doing the job of removing dirt and makeup, without irritating your skin.

Along with understanding your skin needs, when determining the best face wipes for you, you should also take into account your lifestyle. Are you someone who likes to party into the early hours a lot and needs a quick way to remove makeup before bed? In which case specific makeup wipes might be best. Or are you someone who travels a lot and needs a quick on-the-go refresh? In which case refreshing facial cleansing wipes might be best.
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The best facial cleansing wipes for normal skin

If you are looking for a quick and convenient on-the-go refreshing, face cleansing solution then 3in1 Refreshing Cleansing Wipes for normal skin may be the best face wipes for you. These facial cleansing wipes are enriched with Vitamin E and are designed to gently cleanse, whilst effectively remove makeup from normal skin, leaving a soft and smooth feel.
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The best face cleansing wipes for dry skin

Similarly providing a quick and easy solution to clean your face and remove makeup on-the-go, NIVEA Daily Essentials 3 in 1 Caring Cleansing Wipes for dry skin skin conveniently and effectively remove makeup and mascara whilst pampering skin. Specifically formulated for dry skin these face wipes are enriched with Natural Almond Oil to help moisturise skin as it is cleansed. With a particularly mild formula and 0% alcohol, if you have dry skin, these may be the best face wipes for you.

The best face wipes for sensitive skin

 Nivea 3in1 Sensitive Cleansing Wipes have been delicately created to meet the needs of sensitive skin, without irritation. The best face wipes for sensitive skin, they are alcohol and perfume free, effective at removing waterproof makeup and leaving skin feeling soft and clean. The formula is also enriched with Natural Almond Oil and Dexpanthenol which further make these face wipes amazing for quickly refreshing and cleansing sensitive skin on-the-go.

The best makeup wipes

If you are a heavy makeup user the best face wipes will be ones that deeply cleanse and remove makeup, without leaving any residue. NIVEA Micellair Skin Breathe Micellar Cleansing Wipes have been created to thoroughly cleanse skin and remove even waterproof makeup, leaving skin nice and clean, feeling soft and moisturised.

The best makeup remover wipes for if you have sensitive skin are the Micellair Professional Micellar Make-Up Remover Wipes. These makeup removing wipes effectively remove long-lasting makeup and waterproof mascara whilst allowing your skin to breathe, without leaving any greasy residue. Carefully created for sensitive skin, these face cleansing wipes will be your best friend to remove makeup with care so as to not irritate the skin.

Learn more about micellar wipes here.

5 considerations to find the best face wipes for you

  1. Your skin type - your skin type determines what your skin needs, matching this with the right face cleansing wipes is essential
  2. Your lifestyle - think about if you need a quick on-the-go refresh, or convenient post night out makeup remover wipes
  3. Makeup usage - heavy makeup users will need wipes that are more effective at removing makeup
  4. Ingredients - each skin care ingredient in NIVEA products has a unique purpose and host of benefits, knowing which ingredients that react best (or worst) with your skin will help to determine which are the best face cleansing wipes for you
  5. Biodegradability - we are conscious of the waste produced by excessive use of face wipes, which is why we have created new biodegradable face wipes that are able to naturally decompose