Philosophy & Targets


As a leading skincare brand with over 100 years of expertise, we are well aware of the challenge we are facing: You can find NIVEA in almost every household as we deliver superior skin care which is within reach for everyone. We are humbled by your trust in NIVEA. And we want to live up to this trust by bringing you our products in the most sustainable way. Because we are just as concerned as you are by the environmental challenges in front of us. Some of these are visible, like the pollution of our planet due to excessive plastic waste, while others are invisible, such as greenhouse gases, the root cause of manmade climate change. 

At NIVEA we are committed to doing our part in solving these challenges, as we want to make sure that our blue planet will provide a beautiful home for generations to come.

One Skin. One Planet. One Care.

Skin is at the center of everything we do at NIVEA. We believe in working with skin’s biology to deliver healthy beautiful skin. Naturally beautiful, for all skin types and colors. Skin is our direct connection to our environment: it connects us to those we hold near and dear through human touch and it allows us to feel nature’s elements, refreshed by rain and wind and warmed by the sun. 

We only have one planet. It is our home, and we rely on a healthy planet just as much as we rely on healthy skin. But our planet is no longer in balance, and its natural beauty is fading due to the overconsumption of resources and environmental pollution. The fight against climate change is the most important environmental challenge we are facing.

NIVEA does not want you to compromise. We pledge to extend our care for your skin to the protection and preservation of our planet. By transforming our products, reducing their CO2 footprint, and, in fact, changing the way we do business, we want to help you take care of your skin and our planet at the same time. This is a journey, and we are not done yet. But NIVEA is committed to taking care beyond our skin.


NIVEA’s sustainability targets

As a leading skincare brand, acting more sustainably is vital if we want to have a positive impact on the planet. We need to be more conscious of how important it is to protect and maintain our beautiful planet. In doing so, we will need to work hard to counter the devastating effects that climate change and pollution have had and continue to have. Learn about NIVEA’s sustainability targets:

Fighting climate change: we invest a lot of effort in developing the best possible skincare products, and while doing so, we always keep an eye on how we can reduce our CO2 emissions and save energy along our entire value chain.

Absolute reduction of total value chain emissions by 30 percent by 2025
Climate-neutral operations by 2030
Climate-neutralized products


Environmentally-friendly formulations: by implementing environmentally-friendly and biodegradable alternative raw materials, we are striving to improve the environmental compatibility of our overall portfolio.

- NIVEA products are 100% microplastic-free since the end of 2021
- Exclusively biodegradable polymers in our EU product formulas by the end of 2025


Sustainable plastic packaging & waste reduction: guided by the principles of the circular economy, at NIVEA we are on a mission to use plastic responsibly in our product packaging. Our approach is straightforward: we reduce plastic wherever possible, recycle plastic as much as we can, replace it when it makes sense, and encourage our customers to reuse packaging.

- 100 percent of packaging refillable, reusable or recyclable by 2025
- 50 percent reduction of fossil-based virgin plastic by 2025
- 30 percent recycled materials in our plastic packaging by 2025
- 30 percent waste reduction in our production facilities by 2025
- Zero production waste to landfill


Responsible sourcing: NIVEA strives to treat nature with respect. Therefore, our goals are to contribute to ecological agricultural practices, prevent deforestation, and support the communities and regions where our ingredients grow.

- All renewable ingredients from sustainable sources by 2025
- Deforestation-free sourcing of main raw materials by 2025
-100 percent of our palm (kernel) oil has been sourced sustainably since the end of 2020
-100 percent of our folding boxes have been FSC certified since 2019


Reducing water consumption: as a manufacturer of skincare products, we are aware of our great responsibility and have made reducing water use a core topic of our sustainability approach.

  - 25 percent reduction of water consumption per manufactured product by 2025

One Skin. One Planet. One Care.

We want to be 100 percent transparent and answer all your questions about sustainability at NIVEA. If you could not find all the answers you were looking for on this website, or are looking for more detailed information, please visit the sustainability website of NIVEA’s parent company, Beiersdorf.