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Skin Care for Men

For a lot of men, their skincare routine involves little more than scrubbing all over in the shower twice a day. Read on to discover how to make small changes that can have big impacts on your skin.

skin care for men

Men's Skin Care Routine: Small Changes for a Big Impact

Having a structured skin care routine can have a large impact on how your skin looks and feels. From promoting a soft and smooth touch, to reducing breakouts and spots, ensuring you have a best skincare routine will help to do both. But where to start? Creating the best skin care routine and finding the best skin care products can be difficult, so we've mapped out a simple guide for you to get to grips with the basics of a skin care routine.

skin care for men

Step 1: Shower the right way

Like all the best skin care routines, yours should begin by taking the perfect shower to deeply cleanse, remove impurities and prepare your skin to absorb the nourishing ingredients of skin care products. Remember not to have the temperature too hot as this can be bad for skin, lukewarm to cool water is better as cold water helps to tighten pores, aid injury recovery and retain natural oils without drying out. NIVEA MEN Sensitive Shower Gel gently cleanses and refreshes skin whilst respecting the needs of sensitive skin, the formula is caring, feels soothing and is suitable for the hair, body and face.

For additional luxury, once you have cleansed your skin, lather on Rich Moisture Creme Caring Shower Cream. The luxurious formula of this caring shower cream will leave your skin feeling soft and intensely moisturised, even after towel drying. Another advantage of using an in-shower moisturiser in your skin care routine is that it can save having to apply a topical moisturiser once you are dry.

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skin care for men

Step 2: Exfoliate (Every 2-3 days)

Exfoliation is a very important part in every men's skin care routine, however it is also very important not to overdo. Exfoliating too often can remove the skin's natural oils, drying it out and causing irritation. You should exfoliate your skin every 2-3 days (less if you have particularly sensitive skin) to make sure your pores are unclogged and dead skin cells are thoroughly removed. 

Exfoliating well also means your skin will be more receptive to products you will later apply. Using a exfoliating face scrub such as NIVEA MEN Protect & Care Face Scrub will help to deeply cleanse skin, unclog pores and wash away excess oils and impurities. Also enriched with aloe vera and provitamin B5 to protect skins natural barrier. Remember when exfoliating not to scrub too vigorously as you may cause irritation, instead go gently, letting the ingredients in your scrub do the hard work.

skin care for men

Step 3: Wash Your Face

Unlike exfoliating, you should make sure to wash your face twice a day, everyday, as part of your skin care routine: in the morning and at night. Washing your face helps you feel fresh, clears away and fights impurities (such as blackheads) and removes bacteria and excess oils. A best cleansing product will help you to achieve clear and refreshed skin, whilst respecting the natural moisture balance of your skin. 

NIVEA MEN Sensitive Pro Menmalist face & Beard Wash has been carefully created to thoroughly cleanse skin of dirt and excess oils using only 10 essential ingredients for a groomed look and skin comfort. This face wash is microplastic free, contains no silicon oils and a 99% biodegradable formula.

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skin care for men

Step 4: Moisturise

Once you have thoroughly cleansed, the next step is to replenish the moisture in your skin so it feels refreshed, soft and hydrated. Keeping your skin moisturised helps it to stay healthy, reinforces it's natural defensive barrier and can reduce signs of ageing.

NIVEA MEN Anti-Age Hyaluron Face Moisturising Cream with SPF 15 provides deep moisture and revitalises skin. The non-stocky, quick absorbing and refreshing formula contains Hyaluronic Acid - the perfect ingredient to keep skin hydrated all day. It's the perfect addition to your skincare for men.

skin care for men

- What is the difference between cleansing and exfoliating? - 

On the surface, exfoliating and cleansing may seem like the same part of a skin care routine, however the goal of them is very different. Exfoliating is meant to scrub away stubborn dead skin cells that cling onto our skin and clog our pores, whereas cleansing is meant to remove day-to-day dirt and grease.

Skin Care for Men

More Skin Care Advice for Men

If you've committed to sprucing up your skin care routine, don't stop there! Here are a few more tips to help you have great feeling and healthy looking skin.

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skin care for men

Give Your Body Skin Some Extra Love

Why not treat yourself to some intense all over skin nourishment with our new NIVEA MEN Max Hydration Body Lotion? This innovative formula, enriched with aloe vera, is absorbed in seconds and provides intensive 24 hour moisture care for your skin so you can feel silky soft and supple all day. Looking after your body skin as part of your skin care routine helps to reinforce your skin's natural defensive barrier so your skin can look and feel great all over.

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skin care for men

Best Skincare Products for Men

When visiting the store or looking for men's skin care products, you can be overwhelmed with choice and 'all-in-one' type products claiming that they do it all. Where possible, always try to look for products that are labelled for men, as the make up of men's skin is slightly different to that of women, the product formulas will reflect this.

A good place to start to find the best skin care products for your skin care routine is to understand your skin type and needs. If you have particularly sensitive skin, the best skin care products for your will be different to someone who has oily skin. Take a look at our men's skin care products as well as our men's skin care products for sensitive skin to discover the best skin care products for you.

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skin care for men

8 Top Tips for Best Skin Care for Men

  1. Follow the daily routine of: shower, cleanse (including face) and moisturise - in the morning and evening
  2. Wash your face in the shower and use an in-shower moisturiser for convenience
  3. Exfoliate regularly to clear away dead skin cells, but not too often, taking caution to be gentle whilst exfoliating so as not to irritate skin
  4. Do not wash in water that is too hot - where possible use cool or cold water
  5. Understand your skin type and needs as this will determine the best skin care routine and products you need
  6. Use products specifically labelled for men, as men have different skin to women
  7. Look after your entire body, not just your face
  8. Take care whilst intimate shaving and learn about the best way to shave, as shaving is a common source of irritation