Beautiful Pure Skin: The Best Beauty Tips For Skin

Spots and blackheads are not just a problem during puberty: approximately 28% of adult women suffer from blemished skin, primarily on their face, upper chest area and on their back.

Beautiful pure skin: the best beauty tips for skin


Protection from the sun – the best way to achieve healthier,
younger and pure skin

Make sure your skin is always adequately protected from sunlight and treat it to regular scrubs. You should also look after your skin every day with a day cream with a sun protection factor, such as Moisturizing Day Care from NIVEA with SPF 15.

Face and upper chest area – pure skin with the right care

  • Many women suffer from blemished skin primarily on their face and upper chest area.
  • Incorrect care is one of the most frequent causes of skin impurities, alongside genetic predisposition, environmental factors and stress. Using incorrect beauty products can block the skin’s pores. Therefore, make sure that the products in your daily beauty regime suit your skin type. 
  • If you suffer from impurities on your face, use the NIVEA Anti-Blemish line.
  • NIVEA Anti-Blemish Daily Wash Scrub opens the pores and removes dead skin cells – on your face and upper chest area. The pores do not become blocked and beauty products are better absorbed.
  • NIVEA Anti-Blemish 3in1 Cleanser removes dirt and make-up from the skin, clarifies the skin’s appearance and can also be used as a mask – quickly making small impurities a thing of the past.
  • Healthy and pure skin is soft and smooth. And so that it stays this way, you should remove dead skin cells twice a week with a scrub.

A beautiful back can also be ravishing – here’s how to avoid impurities

Skin impurities always occur at the sebaceous follicles. These follicles, which are made up of a small hair and a sebaceous gland, are found mainly on the face, chest and back. If the follicle channel becomes blocked or if bacteria get into the pores, a blackhead will appear. 

Tight clothing and sweat stress the skin, primarily on the back. Your skin then reacts quickly by producing impurities. To avoid this, wash your back regularly with an exfoliating glove when showering. This gently removes dead skin cells and the pores do not block up as easily. 

Moisturise your skin after exfoliating with a light body lotion that will rehydrate your skin


Lots of moisture for pure skin

Make sure you remove loose skin cells from your skin regularly. Moisturise your body daily with a hydration body lotion from NIVEA. Gentle care is provided by NIVEA Sensitive Body Lotion with natural plant extracts from camomile, for example.

NIVEA in-shower: pure skin and intensive moisture when showering

Does every minute count when you’re in the bathroom? Then NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion is exactly what you need. With its innovative moisturising formula, it hydrates and moisturises your skin intensively even while you’re in the shower. The result: moisturised skin in no time at all.

Blemished skin as an adult

Damaging environmental influences and hormones off balance

Your personal skin type, damaging environmental influences, an unhealthy lifestyle, stress and hormone fluctuations are responsible for skin impurities when you are an adult. 

In addition to environmental factors like UV rays or fine dust, hormonal fluctuations are also frequently triggers for spots and impurities. 
The balance between female and male hormones in a woman’s body shifts in certain phases, e.g. before her period. The skin reacts by producing impurities. 

During pregnancy, hormones often go crazy. If you have blemished skin on your face, your upper chest area or back, you should have your thyroid examined, as it controls the balance of hormones in your body. The thyroid hormones have a long-term effect on the condition of your skin and affect the way you look.

Pure skin: with the right cream from NIVEA and less stress

  • Pure skin is also the result of caring correctly for your skin. Before deciding on the right skin care product, you should determine what type of skin you have – help is at hand with the NIVEA skin type test: Find out more about the characteristics of different types of skin here and how to look after them according to type.
  • If you have oily skin or combination skin you should avoid using rich skin creams, as skin impurities can form where too much oil is involved.
  • Read how to treat dry skin as it needs a lot of moisture: it supports the skin’s natural protective barrier and prevents bacteria from penetrating the pores.
  • But often stress is the trigger for skin impurities in adults. Therefore, looking after your skin also means looking after your soul; after all, it’s true what they say: our skin is the mirror of our souls.
  • Don’t put yourself under stress in your daily life and avoid stressful situations: organise your everyday activities with your family and job in such a way that you can treat yourself to little moments of “me time” – just for yourself and no one else.