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How To Stop Body Odor

Although body odor is completely natural, it still doesn’t feel, or smell very nice if you notice an odor coming from yourself, or anyone else. At NIVEA we’ve got all of the advice you need, on how to stop body odor - such as armpit smell, and how to prevent body odor from happening in the first place.

Why Do We Get Body Odor?

We get body odor when our body sweats, this sweat then meets with bacteria on the skin’s surface, which causes an unpleasant smell. Looking at what the main causes of body odor are,  we know that some people are more susceptible to body odor,armpit smell, and sweating more. Don’t worry though, sweating, is a natural and normal process in which our body takes when regulating temperature.

There are certain techniques on how to stop body odor, and how to prevent body odor. This can depend on whereabouts your body releases the most smell, and this can differ from person to person.

Where Do We Get Body Odor?

There are a few different areas of the body that produce body odor. Typically though, there are 3 main areas:

Our armpits have glands called apocrine glands, which are high in protein. These proteins break down bacteria easier, causing an unpleasant odor which is one of the main reasons why when sweat mixes with bacteria, it then leads to armpit smell. 

Similarly to armpits, you can also find apocrine glands in your groin arena. Which is why after a long day or after exercise, you might notice an odor coming from that area.

The reason why feet can sometimes smell is slightly different. Due to wearing socks and shoes, it means it’s more difficult for sweat to evaporate, which is why bacteria breaks down and unpleasant smells start to arise.

Don’t worry though, there are ways on how to prevent body odor from happening and ways on how to stop body odor once you start to smell it. 


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6 Steps On How To Stop Body Odor

Here are a few steps to prevent body odor from happening throughout the day and how to stop body odor in its tracks:
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1) Take a shower first thing in the morning to prevent body odor, or as soon as you start to smell it. Wash your body thoroughly, giving extra attention to the main areas that get affected by body odor: your armpits, groin, and feet. Make sure to use shower gels which not only smell nice, but also cleans your body of the sweat produced whilst sleeping or throughout the day. 

2) Always put on some clean clothes in the morning and wash your clothes regularly to remove any unwanted odors. 

3) Put on deodorant every morning to protect your armpits from smelling throughout the day. Using a deodorant which acts as an antiperspirant as well, such as NIVEA’s Double Effect Anti-perspirant spray, will reliably protect you from sweating and producing body odor for 48 hours, whilst also being kind to your skin.


4) Carry deodorant in your bag throughout the day in case of emergencies. Using a smaller product, such as NIVEA’s Black & White Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Roll-On is small enough to fit perfectly in your bag, whilst giving you the protection and fresh smell you might need.

5) If you start to notice your armpit smell and you don’t have access to a shower or deodorant. A simple technique on how to stop armpit smell is going to the nearest toilets and gently washing your armpits under the sink with a small amount of soap. Make sure you then dry your armpits thoroughly afterwards, this will hide your armpit smell until you can access deodorant and a shower.

6) Shaving your underarms regularly will help to prevent armpit smell, as it’s harder for bacteria to accumulate without hair.

If you think you’re sweating more than usual, or would like some more advice, always see your GP for that extra reassurance. 


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