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What is combination skin?

Learn about the combination skin type and skin care routines for combination skin with NIVEA.

Learning to love your combination skin

Combination skin can be a bit of a battlefield. It’s a mix of normal and oily skin types. Some can find it difficult to manage, but with the right information and products, you can develop a helpful and caring routine – and we have the info to help!  


Take a scroll and discover some wonderful tips and tricks to help you make the most of your skin type, care for it, and learn to love it! 

What is combination skin?

Let’s cover all the bases, from the ground up: what does combination skin mean? Split between normal and oily, your T-Zone can become an oil-slick with zero notice. The excess oil in these T-Zone areas results in collections of impurities which can clog the pores. This often results in blemishes and pimples, creating regular breakouts across your nose, chin, and forehead at a moments’ notice. Then, when you try products to reduce the oil, you can, inadvertently, dry out other parts of your face. 

woman with combination skin

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How to treat combination skin

It’s a bit of a balancing act. Some people think that, because combination skin has some oily areas and some normal to dry areas, they can spot-treat certain areas. This can often be difficult, as the specific products might intertwine at points and make dryness or oiliness worse – the exact opposite of what you want. 


We recommend using products especially designed for combination skin. Using one product across your face is much easier than trying to define the specific zones of oily or dry skin! 

Not sure on your skin type?

There are 6 main skin types: combination, dry, normal, blemished, sensitive, and mature. And they all have specific needs. The good news is, once you discover your skin type, you can learn how to manage the problems that crop up, address your skin’s needs, and work on boosting your complexion’s radiance.   


Are you still wondering “what is combination skin?” or “what does combination skin mean”? As mentioned above, it’s a combination of two types, typically with an oily t-zone, chin, and/ or forehead, and dry/ normal cheeks. 


If you’re still not sure what skin type you have, you can check out our article “What is my skin type?”.

Can you ‘fix’ or get rid of combination skin?

The long and short of it – no, you can’t definitively change your skin type. That being said you can change your skincare, take control, and make the most of your skin type. 


It’s worth noting that combination skin tends to be more of an issue for teenagers and young adults. As you age, your skin often changes. Sometimes, it can become much drier. So you may find that you need to re-adjust your skincare routine throughout your life. But that’s ok – it’s always a nice idea to try new products as science is always working hard behind the scenes to develop new and exciting products. 

Caring for your combination skin

The first step in your journey should be figuring out your skin type – remember there’s a wonderful NIVEA article linked above that can help you do that. 


Now, if you’re still reading, you’ve probably gone from asking ‘what is combination skin?’ to asking thinking ‘yes, that sounds like me’. Now, you can start working with it instead of against it! What do we mean by that? Well, some people react to an oily T-zone by assuming they have overall oily skin and can use products designed for that skin type. This, unfortunately, will dry out the other parts of your combination skin, creating new problems and making your skin feel like even more of a nuisance.

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Once you’ve found your actual skin type, it’s easier to create a skin care routine for combination skin and refine your complexion.


You might have some key questions, like ‘what’s a good skin care routine for combination skin?’ Or even ‘what’s the best moisturiser for combination skin?’ and ‘what’s the best cleanser for combination skin?’. Well, we have some great information for you – just keep reading. 

Take a look below for some key recommendations designed to refine your skin and – more importantly –make you feel more comfortable and confident in your everyday life.

Redesigning your skin care routine for combination skin

The combination skin type can pose a few issues – you may dry certain areas out at first. Don’t worry, it’s a learning curve. And with so many skin care products available, there are always new options to test out. Let’s explore some key essentials when it comes to creating a skin care routine for combination skin. 

The best moisturiser for combination skin

Shopping for a new moisturiser can be daunting. But when looking for the best moisturiser for combination skin, we have some great options. 


Our wide range of day creams is designed to ensure that all skin types are as loved and cared for as they deserve to be. With each product carefully formulated, all our creams ensure great quality for your skin, and a smooth and well-rounded appearance.


If you’re concerned about a shiny T-Zone or chin due to your combination skin, we’d recommend a mattifying cream!

The best cleanser for combination skin

Many people look for the best cleanser for combination skin! Our range of gentle cleansers are designed to optimise and refine your complexion. We’d particularly point you towards some of our refreshing gel cleansers, packed full of Vitamin E to reinforce the skins barrier as well as moisturising components to help your skin feel revitalised in no time.


Don’t forget to use daily for the best results. 

Make up tips for combination skin

The first thing you’ll want to do is search for a few primers, powders and other products tailored to combination skin. 


  1. Create a mattifying base
    Primers create a brilliant base for your foundation.
  2. Absorb oil and set your makeup look
    Powders help to set your foundation for a flawless matte look. 


There are plenty of options available from loose powders to powder compacts. You can also try a setting spray – these will set your makeup and hopefully keep excess oil at bay.

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Take your make up on the go

If you have a busy day planned, it’s a good idea to pack a few oil-absorbing products with you.


People with combination skin often find that the forehead, nose, and chin become shiny throughout the day due to the excess oil production in those areas. 


We recommend a powder compact for on-the-go touch ups. These often come with an easy-to-use puff applicator. Or if you prefer, you could always carry a travel makeup brush with you. Alternatively, you can purchase blotting papers – these are oil-absorbing papers often stored in a little box or tissue dispenser which you can lightly blot along problematic oily areas of the face. This is a great choice if you’re worried about your make-up appearing ‘cakey’, and a brilliant thing to use if you don’t wear a lot of makeup. 

Great skin – whatever the weather

Your skin responds to environmental conditions, so a change in season can have an impact. But we’ve got some interesting info on just what to do to take charge of your complexion.

Fun, sun, and skin care

Some people think that the sunshine fixes their skin – gets rid of the oil, clears up blemishes, and more. But you know better than that! Unfortunately, this method for less oily and slightly clearer skin would come at a price – skin damage and aging, and excessive dryness.


Specially designed facial sun creams will help you avoid damage as they cater toward the delicate facial skin. They’re often lighter than sun creams designed for the body, which helps prevent unsightly breakouts. And – good news – there are oil-free versions that are perfect addition to your skin care routine for combination skin. 


Remember – sun cream isn’t just for holiday. We recommend applying a sun cream daily to maintain that youthful glow. 

Wonderful winter skin

Brisk mornings, blasting winds, and sudden cold temperatures.


One thing you might not have considered is the excessive use of central heating! More time spent indoors with the heat blasting can really dry out your skin. So we advise giving it an extra dose of moisture. Don’t stray from products tailored to your special combination skin, but maybe opt for one with a little more moisture than your summer choice. 


And, of course, don’t forget to stay hydrated! Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you should forget the importance of hydration to your skin health. 

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Find a routine for you – and love your skin

We started out with a few questions, like “what does combination skin mean?” and “what is the combination skin type all about?”. We hope these hints and tips give you a little more insight into creating a skin care routine for combination skin. If you want to learn more about other skin types and how to get glowing skin, click here.


Always remember, your skin is beautiful! But with a few tweaks to your skin care routine, you can boost your skin’s health, your self-confidence and show everyone how radiant you really are.