Hygiene Bank
We’ve created a new campaign where every NIVEA facial skincare product purchased within participating retailers will be matched with a personal care product from NIVEA to The Hygiene Bank.


Through our partnership with The Hygiene Bank, we’ll be providing essential hygiene and personal care products to thousands of people in need. We’re proud to be working alongside this generous and supportive community-in-action movement, sharing their goal of alleviating hygiene poverty one donation at a time.

The Hygiene Bank was set up by Lizzy Hall in 2018 in response to the growing (but largely overlooked) crisis of hygiene poverty.
There’s currently around one fifth of the UK population (around 14m people) living in poverty* – and within this number are millions of children. Young people are particularly susceptible to issues around personal hygiene; issues that can have a deep and long-lasting impact on their emotional wellbeing.
Around 80% of primary school teachers report a rise in children arriving at school unwashed over the last five years**
And almost half of them have witnessed bullying based on hygiene issues**
* Social Metrics Commission.
** In Kind Direct, 2017.

The Hygiene Bank is a registered charity in England and Wales number:1181267 and Scotland SC049895


Every Nivea Daily Moisturising item purchased in participating retailers will lead to an essential hygiene and personal care product being donated to help people in need – creating a wave of a positivity across thousands of lives.
Tackling hygiene poverty is a movement we’re happy to support. After all, it’s closely aligned with our own #sharethecare activity where we showcase acts of care from amazing people everywhere. Great stories worth telling, because every single one of us matters, and every small act of care can go on to inspire more.
With YOU BUY WE DONATE we’re putting ‘care’ at the heart of social change
and sharing the joy of being part of making a genuine difference.