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Discover our tips on how to combat dry skin in winter. Here we provide advice and suggest our best winter face creams, hand creams and body lotions for you. Whether that's dry, chapped lips or flaky skin on your cheeks due to the cold climate - we've got you covered. 

Keeping hydrated in Winter

Hydration - something associated with summer but is just as important in winter. Whether you have the central heating turned up at home or you're outside in the elements. The winter air tends to be much drier - this can strip your skin of essential moisture. Drinking enough water and keeping hydrated is probably one of the best things you can do for this. While you might not feel as thirsty as you would in the warmer seasons, it's still important to keep your hydration levels topped up. In addition to this, incorporating effective hydrating products into your winter skin care routine will be beneficial.

Exfoliate away dry, dead skin

The flaky skin in cold weather is something most of us have experienced - using a gentle exfoliating scrub (read our how to exfoliate guide for tips) can be great for removing everyday debris and dead skin cells from your face.

Exfoliators also allow the ingredients in your other skin care products, such as serums and moisturisers, to penetrate the skin more effectively. This is ideal if you experience dehydrated and dry skin in the winter months. Don't be too aggressive when you exfoliate as this can damage your skin's natural protective layer and cause further issues.

Use Night Cream

Using a night cream can help your skin recover from the harsh cold weather. A night cream such as NIVEA Q10 Power Firming Night Cream presents a great opportunity to regenerate your skin and replace the moisture lost during the cold seasons. This night cream contains vitamin E and antioxidants which will leave your skin with a long-lasting smooth feeling. It intensely nourishes and helps skin retains moisture longer, which should help you avoid dry skin in winter.

Avoid hot showers and baths

When you've got the winter itch it can be tempting to have a hot lengthy bubble bath or shower especially when it's bleak outside and the temperatures are plummeting. Lukewarm water for showers and face washing is preferable. If the temperature of your water is too high, this will remove moisture from the skin making things worse for dry skin in winter. Try limiting yourself to a quick wash and the longer you're skin is exposed to hot water the further potential there is for drying out and irritating your skin.

Tips for caring for skin in winter

  • Wear lip balm
  • Avoid licking your lips
  • Use sun cream!
  • Use a hand cream and cover up with gloves when you go outside to help prevent dry hands
  • Avoid hot water when showering and bathing - use warm water and have shorter sessions
  • Choose non-irritating laundry detergent
  • Regularly moisturise your face and body (especially after washing and drying yourself)

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Products for Winter Skincare

Try these NIVEA products for visibly more cared for skin in cold conditions.
product for winter skin
Winter products
NIVEA Repair & Care Body Lotion offers effective 72H relief from very dry and tight skin. It's made with dexpanthenol to strengthen your skins natural barrier and soothe irritation.
nivea 3 in 1 repair & care hand cream
Winter products
NIVEA 3 in 1 Repair & Care Hand Cream instantly relieves your hands from feeling dry and tight. It's made with our vegan formula to deeply repair the skin with long lasting moisture protection.
nivea soothe & protect caring lip balm
Winter products
Use NIVEA products with Jojoba Oil to help moisturise skin and keep it healthy. NIVEA Soothe & Protect Caring Lip Balm utilises Jojoba Oil to provide long lasting moisture for your lips.

More Winter Dry Skin Tips

Body Lotion

The main function of the skin is to act as a protective barrier for the body, and it can only do this properly if it has enough moisture content. For this reason, moisture is an imperative requirement for healthy, hydrated skin. Consider applying a rich nourishing body lotion following a bath, and immediately after you've dried yourself off. It will help keep your skin soft and supple and lock in moisture. The new improved formula of our 48hr rich nourishing body lotion leaves you with noticeably smoother skin for 48 hours and is suitable for dry to very dry skin and perfect if you have a winter itch.

Sun Lotion

Don't let the lack of sunshine deceive you, regardless of your age or complexion, sunscreen is a winter skincare essential. Even during the winter months, the sun's UV rays are still hard at work. In fact, they’re present all year round. UVA rays, in particular, are thought to cause the most damage when it comes to premature ageing. NIVEA Sun Protect & Moisture Sun Lotion protects from both UVA/UVB rays, but also offers long-lasting and intensive moisturisation – perfect for the drying, winter weather.

Cut out the soap

As well as extremely hot water, traditional soap can also be incredibly drying to the skin. This is the last thing you need when the temperatures are low outside, and your skin is feeling itchy or dry as a result. Try to avoid using harsh soaps when washing and simply use water and a gentle body wash.

Skin Types in Winter

There's often no one-size-fits-all solution to winter skincare especially with people of different skin types

Cold Weather and Sensitive Skin

Cold weather and sensitive skin go hand in hand... but they don't have to!

- The low humidity in winter can increase sensitivity, combine that with the harsh winter winds and you'll need protection. Make sure to wrap up warm and use a hooded jacket to add an extra barrier against the cold and winter against your sensitive skin.

- Daily SPF, the sun takes no breaks. SPF can even be magnified when there is snow or ice around, with damaging rays bouncing off the snow/ice and doubling the damage. 

- Stay moisturised indoors. It's both tempting (and necessary) to turn up the central heating in the middle of winter. This can dry out the skin leading to dryness, redness and added irritation.

Dealing with Oily Skin

Having combination skin or oily skin might seem like a curse sometimes, but these skin types are often least affected by harsh winters.

The rule of thumb for these skin types is to keep up your usual routine in terms of cleansing, moisturising, exfoliating and applying SPF.  You might have to do less of this than someone who has sensitive or dry skin or even those with a normal skin type. 

Dry Skin in Winter

Probably the most common complaint in winter is dry skin, if you have skin prone to dryness then winter can exacerbate the problem. There are a few things you can do to help, in addition to what we've already suggested.

- Switch to a Cream Cleanser which tends to be gentler on the skin with built-in moisturiser

- Exfoliate more often, exfoliating twice a week is recommended. But with really dry skin you might want to up that to 3-4 times a week to slough away the debris.

- Don't miss your skincare routine! It's easy to get home from work and jump straight into your warm bed. But keeping up with a moisturising skin care routine is crucial.
Discover our tips on how to combat dry skin in winter - with the best winter face creams, hands creams and body lotions.