We learn to do lots of things when we’re growing up. But talking about how we feel isn’t one of them. It’s not surprising that 1 in 3 men say that they regularly experience loneliness. 

NIVEA MEN believe that care goes beyond skin. So together with the charity Talk Club we’re championing a simple way to help men of all ages start talking and improve their mental fitness together.


There is strength and power in talking. Throughout 2022, together with Talk Club UK, we teamed up with Roman Kemp to share our message and inspire MEN to open up and start talking about their feelings. In this blog article, Roman shares his experience with mental health and the importance of talking. It all starts with the question… How are you? Out of 10?

NIVEA MEN Head Skills Academy

The NIVEA MEN Head Skills Academy is the first ever football training camp that equips grassroots captains with the right tools to incorporate mental fitness into their football teams, whether they lead local, five-a-side, university or workplace teams.

The training day which takes place in Birmingham on Wednesday 9th November, is designed together with mental health charity Talk Club to help the captains see the value in communicating to their teammates, both on and off the pitch and learning the skills to incorporate mental fitness into their regular practice.

Applications are now closed.

Let’s get started

This simple drill can help anyone have a conversation that’s good for your mental fitness.

The Check In

1 is low. 10, the best day of your life. Be honest with yourself - say your number and try to explain why. This simple question makes it easier to start talking about how you feel.

The Chat

Then talk about the moments from last week you’re grateful for. Big or small they all count. Make a plan to do something for your mental fitness too. Exercise? Relaxation? Saying it out loud means you’re more likely to do it.

The Check Out

When you’re done it’s good to ask the same simple question again. Re-checking shows just how easily our mood can be lifted by sharing and supporting others. 

talk tips

A few pointers to help put it into practice,
from the men at Talk Club 

  • It works both ways. If you each share your numbers you’ll get stronger together.
  • No one got fit going to the gym once. Check in often.
  • Fight the temptation to solve the problem. Listening works better.
  • Sometimes a text won’t do. Talk face to face or give them a call.
  • Do an activity while you talk. It helps the conversation flow.
  • If someone breaks down, it might be time to help them get help.

Together we can change the conversation

It’s never too early to start. Watch ‘Never Alone’ our campaign launch film.

Let’s Talk Club.

It’s been proven that talking is a good way to look after our mental health. But that’s not what most men do, Talk Club want to change that. If you want a positive space to talk openly with other men you can find out more below.

Checking in and talking regularly can really make a difference.

But if you are feeling overwhelmed right now, you can always call
The Samaritans (116 123) or CALM (0800 585858)