Knowledge Overview

Sharing knowledge about the benfits of touch

We believe: If people knew more about the benefits of touch, they would do more to initiate it individually and collectively. Here, we share our studies, expert knowledge, and insights.

Know the benefits and barriers of Human Touch

NIVEA has been working for months with scientists and research institutes to deeply understand the benefits of human touch for health and wellbeing, and to explore the current state of human touch. We are convinced: The more the people know about the benefits and barriers of human touch the more they will incorporate it into their daily lives. Current study themes are the global state of touch before and during COVID-16 epidemic and loneliness.

Learn from the experts

Virtual autism, the importance of empathy and how to educate it, the science of touch and its history, successful youth development - the themes around Human Touch are as various and fascinating as the experts researching it. NIVEA interviewed the most important experts and offers unique insights into the nature and benefit of human touch.