Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the most common ingredients found in skincare products and has been used for over 50 years. Its range of benefits are what makes it so popular. You may have already seen it being used in moisturisers, soaps, face masks, eye creams and many other skincare products. Explore our range of products containing vitamin E, to find the products we know will be perfect for you.

The Benefits Of Vitamin E

The reason vitamin E is so popular in skincare products is because of two main benefits. 

- Vitamin E is an antioxidant. Antioxidants help to improve your skin's health by fighting toxins that may otherwise cause spots, dryness and other impurities. Vitamin E also supports your immune system and helps your body to function to its full potential. This means that your body can work efficiently, leaving you with perfectly clear skin. This is why vitamin E products are a great treatment for skin conditions. 

- Combats the signs of ageing. Vitamin E is known for its abilities to combat the early signs of ageing caused by sun exposure. UV light reduces the vitamin E levels in your skin, which can cause lines and wrinkles to form prematurely. Vitamin E is a common ingredient in day creams for this exact reason, to help replenish the Vitamin E that is lost.



Where Can I Find Vitamin E?

Our bodies do not naturally produce vitamin E, so our vitamin E consumption relies on our diet and other external sources. 

Vitamin E In Skincare
Skincare products containing vitamin E are popular, especially for fighting the early signs of ageing caused by sun exposure. These products often come in the form of creams or oils and can work wonders for your skin. At NIVEA, we are a big fan of vitamin E and offer a wide range of vitamin E products for you to experience its magic as well.

Vitamin E As Part Of Your Diet
Having a rich and balanced diet is the best way to ensure our bodies are receiving the right amounts of vitamin E that it needs. Here’s a few ways you can increase your vitamin E intake;

- Seafood is a popular source of vitamin E, so adding fish such as salmon and cod to your diet can be an easy way to improve your vitamin E intake. 
- Green vegetables are also highly nutritious and a great source of vitamin E. Broccoli and spinach are a great place to start. 
- Nuts, seeds and vegetable oils are also a quick way to increase your vitamin E consumption. 
- Vitamin E can also be found in fruit bars, smoothies and vitamin capsules. If you’re looking for products that contain vitamin E, it is often displayed as ‘Tocopheral’ in the ingredients list on packaging.