Anti Ageing: how to care for mature skin

Less elasticity, lost tautness and a drier feeling are the first signs of mature skin. With the right care, and the right anti age cream and products, your skin will stay taut for longer and always look nurtured.

Mature skin? Nurture your way to beauty

Treat your skin to intensive anti ageing care so that it remains firm and is always nurtured.

Correctly recognising the first signs of mature skin

  • The skin starts to biologically age in women between the age of 25 and 30. 
  • The first noticeable signs of ageing skin are often a lack of elasticity and a loss of moisture. 
  • The skin can no longer store moisture as easily and dryness can cause tightness and even irritation. 
  • Mature skin also loses its tautness and the first pigmentation spots may develop – primarily on the upper chest area and upper arms, as these areas are more frequently exposed to UV rays. 
  • The loss of collagen also results in ageing skin becoming thinner and sebum production decreasing. 
  • When the skin loses its tautness, dents and cellulitis may occur more frequently on the upper thighs.
peeling for ageing skin

Your anti ageing beauty routine for mature, ageing skin – start with a scrub

Ageing skin must be prepared well so that it can better absorb beauty products. Therefore, treat yourself to a scrub once a week. This will remove dead skin cells and your skin will look smoother immediately.

Mature skin stays radiantly beautiful with the right care.

Mature skin has different care needs to young skin. This is why you should change your beauty regime and use the best anti ageing cream available.
In-Shower moisturiser to help mature skin

Need lots of care but don’t have enough time? The solution is In-Shower products

The In-Shower Firming Body Lotion provides your skin with moisture even when showering. Simply apply, rinse off and benefit from softer, more toned skin.

NIVEA offers beauty products for mature skin

To ensure that ageing skin is always well-cared for, make sure it has plenty of moisture and is toned, you’ll find lots of rich lotions produced by NIVEA. One of our bestsellers is our Q10 Firming Body Lotion

This skin-toning formula is enriched with nourishing ingredients: co-enzyme Q10, L-carnitin and creatine form the NIVEA Q10 Energy Complex, which increases the cells’ energy levels – as proven in in-vitro tests. Our Q10 Body Lotion strengthens the skin and helps to provide greater elasticity.
By contrast, NIVEA Rich Body Lotion uses almond oil and a deep moisture serum 

The rich formula of this lotion moisturises the skin intensively and actively reduces slackening in the skin.

Ageing skin is particularly demanding

Intensive care for mature skin – Q10 Firming Body Oil

As ageing skin cannot store moisture as effectively any more, it often becomes dry. Combat this using a rich moisturiser and smooth the skin’s appearance at the same time. 

Why not try NIVEA’s Q10 Firming Body Oil? This body oil with Q10 and avocado oil intensively cares for the skin, making it beautifully smooth at the same time. 
NIVEA’s formula with Q10 moisturises your skin deeply, as proven in in-vitro tests. 
Normal or mature and ageing skin will be noticeably firmer after only 2 weeks. What’s more, the oil absorbs quickly, does not leave behind a greasy film and, by using it, you are doing yourself and your skin a favour. See for yourself how effective this anti ageing moisturiser is for mature skin.
Home Remedies for ageing skin

Sometimes it is easier than you think – simply smile to get beautiful skin

In addition to caring for your skin properly, a positive attitude can be the biggest anti-aging formula for ageing skin. The old adage is true: you are as old as you feel! Dress fashionably and allow your inner beauty to radiate into the world – that’s timeless beauty!