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Discover deeply hydrating body and face moisturisers by NIVEA, transform your skin regardless of whether you have oily, normal, sensitive or dry skin. NIVEA have a moisturiser for you.
Keep your skin hydrated with NIVEA

NIVEA's moisturisers maintain healthy skin and transform dry and damaged skin with intensively hydrating ingredients. Whether you suffer from dry skin on your face or body NIVEA can help with it's range of face moisturisers some of which contain important SPF protection or body lotions and body mousses.

Moisturiser for every skin type

NIVEA have a moisturiser for every skin type. If you're unsure about which skin type you are read our skin type guide. You need moisturiser for every condition whether you're after a moisturiser skin cream in the boiling hot summer or need a moisturiser to stave away the winter front and improve your winter skincare routine NIVEA have you covered.