Inspire more human touch to the world

Skin-to-Skin Care

When loneliness takes up more space in people’s lives, human touch and feeling close to others can make a fundamental difference.
For this reason, NIVEA supports skin-touch projects to promote the quality of life for people at risk of loneliness like babies born preterm, visually impaired individuals, and elderly people suffering from dementia. By 2025, NIVEA’s skin-touch projects will have a positive impact on the individual health and well-being of more than 150,000 people.

Skin-touch projects

With its new purpose initiative, NIVEA uses skin-touch projects to improve the individual health of people at risk for loneliness. The program`s skin-touch therapies will improve health and well-being of premature babies, dementia patients and visually impaired individuals. By 2025, the brand will invest 20 Mio Euros in local skin-to-skin care projects, reaching 150.000 people at risk for loneliness.