Eye Cream

Eyes have very delicate skin around them and need extra care. They are often one of the first places to show signs of ageing, can form dark circles and can be left feeling tired and worn. Explore our range of different eye products that will help your under eyes look smooth and revitalised.

Eye Care: Smoothing and Effective

Whether you didn’t get enough sleep, you feel a cold coming on, or your days have become more stressful, the eyes are the first place to reveal this through dark circles and puffiness. Your first wrinkles will also most likely appear around your eyes. The reason your eyes tell so much about your wellbeing and age is because the skin in this area has very little tissue and is extremely sensitive. That’s why it is imperative to supply the eye area with moisture with high-quality care every day using the best eye cream products, whether this is the best eye cream for dark circles or eye wrinkle cream.


Eye Creams for Ageing Skin

When eye care products are used regularly, the first signs of skin ageing can be prevented by using the best eye creams for tightening the skin around the eyes, making them look younger. Plus, puffiness and other signs of fatigue can be reduced, so the eyes appear more awake and brighter.
NIVEA eye cream and eye contour cream range is expertly formulated to ensure the skin around the eyes is soft, smooth, and well hydrated. As the skin around the eyes is more sensitive than the rest of the face, using a product unique to the eyes for the best results is essential. Introducing an eye cream into your skincare routine could make a big difference to how you see yourself, but it’s important to use one that targets your specific concerns, such as our eye wrinkle cream. Our eye creams are formulated to be the best eye creams for dealing with signs of ageing and reducing the appearance of crow's feet and laughter lines. 


Best Eye Wrinkle Cream

One of the main areas for concern when it comes to ageing is wrinkles, which can be especially around the eyes. The best eye creams and eye wrinkle creams can help reduce wrinkles and the signs of ageing around the eyes.  An excellent first port of call is to look for soothing skincare ingredients that will hydrate and strengthen the skin's natural barrier. To see the best results from your eye wrinkle cream, we recommend you use an eye wrinkle cream with the following ingredients: 

- Luminous 630: This patented NIVEA formula balances any pigment imbalances to ensure even skin tone, reducing the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.
- Coenzyme Q10: Which shields the skin from sun damage and decreases the risk of wrinkles
- Hyaluron: Can brighten the appearance around the eyes by plumping the skin with hydration.
- SPF: This can be in certain eye creams used to prevent sun damage and helps reduce the wrinkles around your eye.


The Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles

Dark circles under the eyes are a common skin concern. The best treatment for dark circles under the eyes is a good night's sleep. Sadly, we know as well as anyone that isn't always possible, so we here at NIVEA have some backups up our sleeves, such as our best eye cream for dark circles. It is crucial to remain aware of the ingredients when looking for the best eye cream for dark circles; as mentioned, the skin around the eyes is very sensitive. Some of these ingredients you see on eye creams online may not benefit your skin. For the best eye cream for dark circles, why not try our Q10 eye cream to help eyes regenerate at night.

One of the best choices to conceal dark circles is to go with an eye cream with tinted micro-pigments. Our eye creams have been developed especially for the sensitive skin around the eyes. They are very mild and do not contain perfumes or UV filters. Another advantage is the light textures, which can be applied particularly gently. When applying your eye cream, the best way is to tap the cream gently into the skin from the centre of the face outwards.